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Aliens: Colonial Marines PAX East Report #1

Sega & Gearbox Software have recently taken the latest multiplayer and single player builds of the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines videogame to PAX East 2012 in Boston. Amongst all those gamers was AvPGalaxy forum member Tonks (Scott). Tonks was kind enough to write up an article regarding his day one impressions on the event for us. You can find it here.

“The demo was a good showcase and really looked the part. Details were clear and the sound was great. The experience was a mix of action and storytelling with good pacing and it impressed me. The assets looked great in the game and it all felt like it belonged in the universe – because, as Chris pointed out with Fox treating it as canon – it has to.”

You can find a whole lot of pictures from the first day of PAX east here at our forums. Once again, thanks to Tonks for taking the time to go represent AvPGalaxy at the expo and writing up his impressions as well as Sega and Gearbox for their amazing support.

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