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Some time ago you may remember us asking the community to submit their questions for a community Q&A with Gearbox Software about the upcoming title Aliens: Colonial Marines. We did a selection of the best and most commonly asked questions and today we have received the answers. Unfortunately, mainly due to time and resources constraints, just a few of the questions that were submitted have been answered. Click here to read the interview in full.

“One of the major goals we had in mind when we first started talking about Aliens: Colonial Marines was to offer a deeper insight into the mythology of the Aliens universe and answer some of the unresolved questions there. That’s something we’re very excited about, and a lot of that stems from discussions the team had with Ridley Scott. As I’m sure you can imagine, we’re also very excited about the possibility of Prometheus offering additional insight and answers as well. “

A very special thanks to Sega and Gearbox for answering our questions as well as the community for getting involved.

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