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Io9’s Prometheus Trailer Description [Updated]

I09 has published an extensive description of the Prometheus footage that was screened at WonderCon moments ago. You can read the full thing here.

“The trailer begins with a shot of waterfalls on an alien world, while Charlize Theron’s corporate character Meredith Vickers observes in voiceover: “A king has his reign. And then he dies. It’s inevitable.” The starship Prometheus lands on the planet as its crew emerges from Alien-style cryogenic sleep. The crew includes archaeologists who are there to examine a number of ancient alien civilizations discovered throughout the planet.”

Be sure to check the forums to read several blogs from the event. Also stay tuned for the live AMC Theatres panel which will be happening in one hour.

Update 18/03/2012: Click the read more button to watch a recording of the Prometheus WonderCon 2012 panel.

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