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Prometheus Trailer Preview Released!

Yahoo Movies have released a little video preview of the Prometheus trailer, due for release on Saturday. It contains footage from the previous teaser trailer but there’s some new stuff in there too. You can download the HD version here as well

As already posted, Yahoo will be holding their own Q&A event on Saturday. You can submit your questions for Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender here. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

Update 12/03/2012: Also according to the BBFC the upcoming full length trailer for Prometheus will be 2 minutes and 33 seconds in length.

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  1. BioMechanical

    and here is our space jockey:

    I think the reason why the jockey is bit small in this scene is because its not a Jockey...

    One of my theories is that Ridley is going to pay some homage to James Cameron's Aliens by putting our female hero in the suit. Im sure fox was pushing the idea from the very beginning. Rapace may even infact be the Jockey from Alien..
  2. St_Eddie
    Didnt we see a prop head picture a while back anyway, and fox made the forum pull the pics down?
    it looked like a typical SJ head if i remember correctly.

    I guees, the picture has been revealed here, though it's now gone... You can find the one in the signature of St_Eddie :;u=15893

    Whilst my signature is taken from that prop photo, it's a highly modified version that I made in Photoshop...

    Here be it, with some colour correction...


    ... Note that I created a new angle (with the second eye visable), changed the shape of the back of the head, altered the mouth and made various other tweaks.  Also, I coloured and shaded it myself.

    Sorry but I felt the need to point that out because I don't want people to think I just lazily cut and pasted the prop into my signature.
  3. chupacabras acheronsis
    what the hell is this:

    and here is our space jockey:
  4. Ruzena
    The trailer has all but the feeling of Alien movie :D I HOPE it will not be action dubstep shit like in the trailer. Also the actors look more like some game characters than Nostromo crew.

    Since I startted stalking the internets for alien prequel 4 years ago, I was hoping for much darker shit than this, I was hoping for lynch-giger crossover. This trailer looks honestly like 90% of the action movie trailers around.

    But I still hope!
  5. DendaReloaded
    i am a bit disappointed by the space jockey, the bigger head and the little arms make him appear more cartoon-ish then the original. and i have a feeling that this movie contains all the best visual/shocking scenes of the movie, i hate that when there is no surprise or shit. knowing half of it already.
    i mean showing the prometheus crashing into the derelict is, i think, one of the most important scenes of the film, lore-wise and visual, why spoil it?
  6. DendaReloaded
    i don't trust this link

    bitches, check youtube out, there's a 1 minute trailer of prommy with new scenes and stuff

    Spoiler (click to show/hide)
  7. marsekay
    Ahh cheers, knew i had seen something somewhere.
    the nore i think about the more i'm convinced it is just a suit, the truck is just a hose that connects to another part of the suit supplying air etc.
    its just a biomechanical space suit for a big blue man. I just hope its better in execution than description.

    BTW chrispatchi, in my peripheral vision, i always think your current avatar is crahs bandicoot. then look at it directly and see its completely not... haha weird.
  8. aliennaire
    Look at this nostrils ? ;D

    No, seriously. The idea is insteresting, artwork is awesome but the bust is ugly. Glad It's not from the movie.
    I'd like to see any of that kind design in the film, bar the creature appeared from mutation of human.  :-X

    Didnt we see a prop head picture a while back anyway, and fox made the forum pull the pics down?
    it looked like a typical SJ head if i remember correctly.

    I guees, the picture has been revealed here, though it's now gone... You can find the one in the signature of St_Eddie :;u=15893
  9. Glaive
    Dorian, You can clearly see "Necronomicon" written at the bottom of the bust.
    And It's avalaible here:
    Needs more penis.

    Is THAT what that is...? :o
  10. Jenga

    FALSE! This is absolutely false! I've seen this bust before at the Monsterpalooza 2011 tradeshow (which was almost a year ago today) and it was merely a collector's item from one of Giger's necronomicon books that was on full display and for sale by Magee FX. I even took a picture of it. NOT a secret or from prometheus!!!.

    Here is my picture:

    here is Magee FX website (which does not display this creature because it is copyrighted I'm guessing):

    and here is a really blurry youtube video where you can see the bust alongside their yeti creature:

    Myth busted!

    I read through the entire thread before I posted anything.

    I knew that this bust was available online and based on Giger's prior artwork before I posted anything.  With all due respect, nothing you mentioned precludes the fact that this could at least resemble the creature from Prometheus.  As a matter of fact, the fact that Magee FX has already worked with Fox on the Alien and Predator films actually supports the fact that they could be involved in the creature effects from Prometheus.

    Dorian Grey:

    Certainly it could resemble a creature in prometheus due to it being a giger or giger-themed design. I find it to be quite nice in many ways. That said, I firmly believe there is absolutely no way an actual design from the film has been kicking around at places like monsterpalooza and for sale online and not shut down completely. They have been so secure on stuff like this. Also, the fact that Magee FX has worked with ADI on the first AVP does not make it any more likely that he worked with Ridley's quite different and unreleated creature effects people in London. The two groups are completely seperate. Fox does not enter into it beyond hiring the special effects company for the film. I'm sure scott free are the ones operating in a day to day staffing capacity. It is grasping at straws.  I would bet that Magee would also be the first one to include prometheus on his resume had he worked on it.
  11. eyesofthedemon
    I hope it creates more questions than answers,i don't want answers until i'm sitting in the Cinema.

    I just know the 2 weeks leading up to release its going to be really hard to avoid spoilers,i'm glad i'm in the UK,only a few other places get it a day or so before us
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