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Weyland Industries Website Updated

The recently revealed Weyland Industries website has been updated with several new sections, most of them being restricted areas for now. You can also now register to receive the latest updates from Fox and become a Weyland Corporation investor. Most importantly, the front page is featuring an intriguing image of a finger print with the Weyland Industries logo on it.

 Weyland Industries Website Updated

According to the official website: “Weyland engineers have been working around the clock to bring you the newest, most advanced addition to the Weyland family. Stay tuned for a special announcement.”

The About Us section has also been expanded with some interesting key facts about the company as well as an image of the Earth (this image also contains a mysterious blinking star). You can read it all after the cut.

Update: Remember the blinking star from yesterday? The mystery has now been solved. Thanks to an avid fan and his Morse code skills we’ve got a high quality image from the film in our hands. See it here.

ABOUT WEYLAND CORP: “At Weyland Industries we apply science, technology and our unparalleled global network of resources to the pursuit of Building Better Worlds.

Everyday Weyland biologists, military scientists, chemical engineers, geologists, mechanics, pilots and more work across our solar system to advance human interests and life. As they labor, new planets, natural resources, industries, modes of transportation, and medical advancements emerge and evolve before our eyes.

As the largest company on the planet we have taken it upon ourself to constantly explore, expand, and discover what lies beyond our own heavens.

50 years ago our founder Sir Peter Weyland set out to change the world. Now, the company he created so many years ago works tirelessly with the same unlimited ambition to improve the world he changed.

Worlds have risen and worlds have fallen. That’s why at Weyland Industries we’re in the business of Building Better Worlds.

Employees: 837.53 million.

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States.

Secondary Locations: 160 countries, 63 colonies.

Businesses: Health, Transportation, Energy, Electronics, Terraforming, Security, Cybernetics.”

 Weyland Industries Website Updated

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