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Aliens Colonial Marines Trailer Released [Updated] has released a brand new cinematic trailer for Aliens Colonial Marines. The video is 1:14 minutes long and shows a slow motion scene featuring a group of Colonial Marines fighting an horde of Aliens. It’s definitely worth a look! We can also exclusively reveal that the trailer was crafted by Axis Animation in a team effort with Gearbox and Sega. You may remember them from this highly acclaimed cinematic trailer for Dead Island.

You can watch the trailer in Youtube below. Alternatively you can download it in glorious HD by clicking here. Thanks to Sega for the news & details.

Update (13/02/2012): Axis Animation has exclusively commented on the trailer for us. Find out what the studio has to say about their work on project by clicking the read more button below.

Axis Animation: “We were incredibly excited when approached by advertising agency Uber and their client Sega about Aliens: Colonial Marines. There is hardly a person in Axis who isn’t an Alien fan, from the finance department to the animation team everyone loves the franchise.

The idea for the trailer is challenging creatively and from a technical point of view but this is something that director Stu Aitken is well known being able to make happen. Finding the right balance between tension and action is the key to this piece and so far Stu has struck it just right.

The Axis team have been given a lot of guidance by both Gearbox and Sega to ensure everything is spot on for the Alien franchise, attention to every detail is very important in every project we do but especially here.

We really can’t wait to push forward with the continued work we are doing on the project, we look forward to more great reactions to what is coming next!”

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