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New Prometheus Image Featuring Noomi Rapace

Los Angeles Times has revealed a new production still from Prometheus featuring Noomi’s character, Elizabeth Shaw. It may not be obvious at first, but there are some familiar shapes in the background of the photo as well. You can see the somewhat ‘spoilery’ image by clicking the read more button below.

Along with the new image, writer Damon Lindelof has shared a few words with the publication. You can read the full interview here:

The movie is definitely epic in its scope. One of the filmmakers that we ended up talking about to a fair degree of redundancy was David Lean, who directed ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. We wanted to make the movie feel big by having the characters be small in big spaces. That connected to the larger themes we were talking about — that we’re all just these little gnats crawling around on our little planet.

Thanks to Laufey for the news

 New Prometheus Image Featuring Noomi Rapace

Elizabeth Shaw

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