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New Prometheus Fan-art Piece

A few days ago we received the latest glimpse at director Ridley Scott’s highly awaited sci-fi project Prometheus. The studio has kept details under wraps, but that hasn’t stopped Slovakian concept artist, Rado Javor, to create some undoubtedly amazing and creative fan-art for the film. We now present you an exclusive look at his last and most human related fan-art work. This time Rado shows us the Prometheus ship entering a very Alien-esque and yet very dreamy world. Make sure to check out the image in full resolution below:

 New Prometheus Fan-art Piece

“This is my fourth painting inspired by Prometheus, you can now see how close my guess was to the actual ship design from the film. The painting was done before the teaser trailer got released and this was my vision of the Prometheus ship. The Scene shows some ancient orbital dockyards near a Space Jockey planet, this is the first encounter of the human explorers with alien technology.” Rador told us.

You can find the rest of his Prometheus fan-art pieces at his deviantArt account here. Let us know your thoughts on his artwork in the forums.

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  1. Infected
    I downloaded the original one few months ago and played Reach finished it on Legendary Halo3 i didnt i found that one kinda hard.
    It has a nice vibe allround,
    but its a somewhat kiddy shooter.
    A nice open world game like that woule be nice with the real alien franchise universe.
  2. Never say no to Panda!
    I like this franchise pretty much, especially the first part was excellent for the time...i like the coop mode of the newer titles as well, hated Halo: ODST though. It is not the holy grail but the gameplay is solid and the soundtrack / cutscenes are very atmospheric.
  3. Never say no to Panda!

  4. PrometheusFire

    Stunning artwork!!!!!! Your work reminds me of alot of things i know from the alien universe but at the same time i love that you have carved out your own little corner of it:)
    Very bright and colour use is stunning........
    But when i look at your work i see it existing on the other side of the alienverse housing sjs and biomechs that are polar opposite to what exist in alien/prometheus :) very inspiring friend
  5. williammcnasty#awesome92
    beautiful i wonder what medium is used here, cant wait for this stuff in college as this posses a general shade of awesome
  6. ChrisPachi
    It would be great if this guy's vision of the alien world was actually used in the film. This is pretty close to how I have imagined it over the years. The planet that we see in the trailer is, well, a little mundane. But then again it probably isn't the alien world at all.

    And, dare I say it, that piece with Space Jockeys gathering around in an ominous ceremonial fashion looks more impressive than what we've seen of the ampule room on the film.

    Absolutely. Looks fantastic.

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