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Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus

There’s a new article in the latest issue (Feb 2012) of Empire Magazine and they’ve spoken to Ridley Scott. Fortunately, forum member Gazz has transcribed the article for us. Here’s the important bits:

Barring a beach scene in the long cut of Alien 3, the new film will feature the franchise’s first genuine exterior, with Iceland’s black lava fields providing the new planet’s hardscrabble surface (LV-426 was created on a soundstage). Thematically, too, it’s gone big. This is God versus Science, and  the survival of not just the crew (most of whom probably don’t) but mankind itself. In other words, there is a whole 2001-vibe going on. “It’s gone off in a new direction,” boasts Scott “, but I promise it will engage you in the first five minutes.”

The crew of the Prometheus (the ship’s name designed to echo the Greek myth) follow a perplexing message to a planet that will open their eyes and their chests to a new alien race. “A crew of scientists embark on a journey somebody else is paying for,” says the director, referring to the fact Charlize Theron’s Meredith Vickers is a “suit” for a certain Weyland-Yutani. Meanwhile, Michael Fassbender may or may not be an early model of Ash’s android and may or may not be trustworthy. And Noomi Rapace’s archaeologist heroine, Elizabeth Shaw – a spiritual cousin to “Rippers” – is one half of a conflicted couple of Logan Marshall-Green’s Holloway: “One comes from a position of faith, and the other is pure scientist,” details Scott. Both are going to have a lot to swallow.

When asked about the recently released production stills showing the humanoid head in the Ampule Chamber, Ridley says there’s ‘more to it’ and goes on to say ‘I’ve locked up all the sweet stuff…” Including something familiar, perhaps?’. You can read the full interview in the forum. Thanks to Gazz for transcribing the interview.

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