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Exclusive: New Prometheus Trailer Description!

I recently got the chance to see a brand new trailer for Prometheus. The video is one minute long and it’s a mix between brand new scenes, scenes from the Comic-con footage and the recently leaked trailer. Below you can find a detailed description of the trailer, make sure to click the read more button:

  • The trailer starts with the 20th Century FOX logo. You hear a transmission. A woman (which I assume to be Rapace) is saying “…got to stop… was wrong.. so wrong…I’m so sorry…”. You can hear the last part very clearly.
  • The first scene shows a spaceship (similar to the one seen in the first leaked trailer) flying towards a planet on the background.
  • Next you see is the surface of a planet and some sort of facility. It kinda looks like a Lunar base to me.
  • Now they show this scene from the Comic-con footage.
  • You can see the film’s title forming in the background during most of the trailer. Pretty much like in the introductory scene of Alien.
  • Next is the Ampule room. They show it off from all different angles and finally a close up of the ampules. Suddenly you hear a high pitch scream. It’s not human. It sounds like if it was from a facehugger. Then there’s a lot of smoke from what seems to be acid corrosion. They show a guy in a spacesuit. He’s alone. Screaming and putting his hands over his helmet. It looks just like the Kane/derelict scene in Alien.

  • Now they show the same spaceship from earlier. Same shot as in the first leaked trailer. Flying towards what seems to be a different planet in the background.
  • The next 2 scenes are from the comic-con footage. 1, 2.
  • Now they show Vickers running across a hallway. Same scene as in the first leaked trailer.
  • Next seems to me someone in a spacesuit. Driving a futuristic vehicle in some desert like surface. Heading towards some structure or facility in the middle of nowhere at full speed.
  • An impressive shot of the Iceland waterfalls.
  • Next is this scene from the comic-con footage. They seem to be shooting at something or someone but they don’t show it.
  • Next you see is some grey-black serpent like creature. Jumping ala facehugger from some sort of grey-goo cavity. Now they show the whole scene. There’s two guys in their spacesuits. One lying on the ground (it seems to be the impregnated guy from earlier) and another one checking on him. The creature jumps from what seems to be the insides of the previous impregnated guy to the other one.
  • Now they show someone with a expression of pain. The guy is still in his spacesuit and someone appears to be holding him in their arms.
  • Now you can see a device or hologram of some sort. It looks like an atom or a planet. I’m not sure if it’s a planet or just some molecular structure tbh. The center of the hologram is a single sphere so it should be a planet system. Probably the coordinates to some other world.
  • Now this shot from comic-con.
  • Next is a spaceship being destroyed while in the air.
  • One guy in a spacesuit pouncing at someone else while holding something. It looks like it’s going to hurt.
  • Next is the space jockey room. Same as in the Comic-con footage. The center piece of the plate opens up and the space jockey chair rotates out of the ground.
  • Next scene shows off a very inflated belly. Like if the person was pregnant but there’s something bigger than a chestbuster moving inside. Seems to be Rapace’s.
  • Idris Elba yells while aboard of what seems to be the Prometheus.
  • The sandstorm + Rapace spacesuit scene. Same as in the first leaked trailer. Close up of Rapace. She gets hit by the storm and she falls down a pit. It’s the scene depicted in the official still released around comic-con.
  • Now you can clearly read Prometheus. The whole title has formed in the background. They show it for a few seconds.
  • Now a close up of Rapace’s face. She’s in pain. It seems to be the same scene as in the first leaked trailer. The one with the green lasers scanning her belly.
  • Now they show someone in a spacesuit looking at the derelict in the surface of a planet with clear skies.
  • The words: “They went looking
  • The derelict again. It’s vertical to the ground. It would be impossible to enter it from the same place as in Alien.
  • The words: “for earth’s beginning
  • Still on the same planet. The derelict (or something really big) seems to be falling down from above. The guy in the spacesuit is running away now. Trying not to get crushed.
  • The words:  “what they found
  • They now show two guys running away.
  • The words:  “could be its the end
  • They show the same guys again. Running away from what appears to be a huge Gigerish structure (it feels like it’s moving but it’s hard to tell). Perhaps the derelict in flight. There’s a lot of smoke. What appears to be debris on fire are falling from above. They keep running away from it.
  • The music reminded me a lot of the one from Inception (the ‘horns sounds’). But mixed with what appears to be the music from the original trailer for Alien. Same music during all the trailer.

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