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AvPGalaxy Reviews Alien Infestation

I’ve just finished work on my review for Aliens – Infestation, the new Nintendo DS game by WayForward Technologies and Sega:

“Infestation is a side scrolling action game, very similar in appearance to the old Alien 3 tie-ins on the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. It gave Infestation a very nice retro feeling. The environments and sprites are very nicely detailed and everything looked as if it’d fit well within the Aliens universe, just in portable form. The animations are all pretty smooth as well. It was a very nice game to look at.”

Be sure to read the entire review for my verdict. Thanks to WayForward and Sega for providing the review copy. And thanks to Ikarop for the great work as always. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Aliens – Infestation in our forums.

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