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Promotional Image for Colonial Marines

A newish promotional image for the upcoming Aliens Colonial Marine videogame has been released. The image was first seen in the cover of PC Gamer back in July but now you can see it here in full. It shows Winter, the main character in the game, being attacked by various aliens in a hive. The APC also makes an appearance in the background.

 Promotional Image for Colonial Marines

In related news, gameplay of the game will be shown in the next episode of GTTV. Make sure to check back on Thursday, September 29th, to see the new footage.

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  1. Xenoscream
    I hope thats just a copy and paste Alien behind him... otherwise... well its about the size of his torso!

    Not really digging the Alien models, but I'm sure in the game if that atmosphere is done right it won't matter.
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