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Alien Vault Review & Interview

I have just uploaded my latest review for the recently released Alien Vault: The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film:

“So what can Alien Vault really offer us that previous books (there are a few more than the 2 I listed) can’t? Well, that’s an incredibly easy question: Passion. Alien Vault came across as a personal account, as if I was sat across from Ian Nathan, talking to him and hearing the excitement in his voice as we discussed his favorite movie.”

You can read (and should read) the entire review here. As well as that, I also spoke to author Ian Nathan recently and I’ve uploaded our interview as well.

We also had 2 winners for our Alien Vault competition, Alex Hislop and Kanani Coward. Congratulations to both of them!I hope you all enjoy the review and the interview and if you’re interested in buying a copy then Amazon has a bargain!

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