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Aliens Infestation Loosely Based on Gibson’s Alien 3 Scripts

With the release of Aliens – Infestation looming at the end of the month (October for the US), slowly we’ve been having previews show up online but nothing really new until this:

“In the late ’80s, the famous sci-fi author William Gibson wrote a script for Alien 3 that never wound up getting filmed. You can find it […]and someone involved with development of Aliens: Infestation apparently did, because they used some of Gibson’s story ideas for the game. In other words, the development team is hardcore. “

This comes from an article in Nintendo Power. The article also talked about the Union of Progressive People, another element from Gibson’s script. It’s something I’m really curious & excited about. Thanks to Sexy Poot for the scans.

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  1. Ash 937
    This game is being made for the Nintendo DS, not the Gameboy.  That's like calling a PS3 the same thing as a Playstation. Same company, huge difference.

    But I get the point of what you're saying.  I think it makes more sense to buy this game if you already own a DS.  Wayforward has already admitted can be completed in a day by experienced gamers...I don't think there is enough going on with Aliens Infestation that would warrant or justify an entire purchase of a new Nintendo DS (even though some people will do just that). 

    I would understand it more if this was 1994 and Aliens vs Predator had just come out for the Atari Jaguar.  Until that point nobody had ever seen a proper Aliens-based fps. probably would've been the only Jaguar game I would've owned too.  But in 2011 there has been a stream of 2D/3D games based on Aliens that have hit the console market since the 1990s, making this one look more run-of-the-mill to the average gamer. 

    Thankfully, I bought my DS back in 2006.  Infestation just gives me a reason to dust it off and play another cool game for the system.
  2. goneja
    I appreciate the fact that game is being made, but I can't help but feel all the hub-bub about them redesigning every inch of the Sulaco and using abandoned movie scripts was really worth the effort to throw it all into a mere game boy game. I would have had interest if this were even just a DLC game for the major consoles, but all and all I think its a big waste of effort. It certainly doesn't look that visually impressive, nor is the gameplay that visually compelling enough for me to buy a game boy to play it.
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