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Exclusive: More Prometheus Set Pics

Thanks to an anonymous source, I’ve got two new pictures from the set of Prometheus for you all:

 Exclusive: More Prometheus Set Pics

 Exclusive: More Prometheus Set Pics

The smallest image is a close up of the jars/urns mentioned by the SDCC reports and briefly seen in the recently leaked footage images. Up close they look nothing like the Alien eggs. The large image is of a Gigeresque tunnel which connects to the urn chamber which contains the huge head. We have done colour correction on both these images to reduce the noise.

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  1. ThisBethesdaSea
    OFF Topic but is there a good Blade Runner forum some one can point me to? With the news of Ridley Scott returning to that film as well, there's much I want to discuss and after doing a few searches, can't find anything online.
  2. JaaayDee
    The coverup title really was 'Paradise':
  3. RoaryUK
    Just in case anyone is wondering, ALL the pics from my online link have had to be removed. Nothing I can do about it unfortunately as it wasn't by request.  They were saved (of course) but I'd advise anyone who still has links to what is really FOX property to be careful ok.
  4. St_Eddie
    Where is the picture with the blacked out person standing in a hallway?!  I keep hearing people talking about it and yet it's nowhere to be seen!  For goodness sakes people; share.
  5. zuzuki
    it's pretty weird cause those passages we see and even the ones i the first movie when they enter the ship aren't that big.instead the space jockey was big to move through there.

    but on another note i don't think it's a suit either.i think that was the real deal.for god sake it was one with the chair.not melted or was like one piece.i don't think that guy ever left that seat.and it bassically a skeleton with ribs and i don't think it's a suit.that is how he really looks.maybe there are more of them.the one we saw only function was the pilot the ship or whatever.and the others walk around

    now can someone tell me what was the picture that got deleted to keep it of fox's radar?can anyone send it to me?plsss
  6. harlock
    The basic head looks humanoid to me, but a little biomechanical in looks (going from the Giant Head statue). Due to the chair the Space Jockey was in, the Engineer(s) may or may not have a snake-like tail for movement, or be severely atrophied waist-down (if theyre this great Bio-Visier, they dont really need "that part" anymore anyways, I would think).

    Some have said the face of the Giant Head (which is bald and has ears, fact), looks like Giger's Harkonnen baby-face statue design. Some have also said it has the dome eyes like the original design of the xeno. It also clearly has wire-like veins across its surface from screencaps.

    This is important if its true the Giant Head is a statue of the Engineer(s). They would look the same, which would be a pretty creepy 8ft animatronic  ;D
  7. Avatarblew
    Hey folks I could just be blind or might have eaten my fair share of paint chips.  where is the giant head in that picture where the urn chamber is and hpw can you tell that its a giant head? Sorry I know that I sound like I was born yesterday. Thanks
  8. KFS

    Thanks for this new pic.
    Well i'm definitly sure now that the SJ Engineer is almost human sized.
    His biomechanoid suit is the result of his ego and probably to scare/impress the natives when he arrives on a planet.
    Somebody talked about OZ's magician i think it's the same concept here.
    When suited he is played by an 7ft tall actor, wearing a suit with animatronic parts that will be enhanced with CGI (like the creature frome Where the wild things are).
    My bet is that Guy Pierce is the SJ Engineer.
  9. Cain1977
    Dark Horses is slated to come out with the adaption come sometime at the end of May, close to the June release.  No set date as of yet. As for the Novel, hopefully they get Alan Dean Foster to write it, he did a great job with Alien and Aliens, so hopefully he gets the task of bringing "Prometheus" into novelization.
  10. harlock
    If the Giant Head is going to be what the Engineer looks like inside its Jockey-suit, that'll be it.

    Point = It was before said there were people on-set who were in Xeno suits, but bronze and plain with none of the features. Could these be Jockeys without the Suits?

    Ridley Scott used children to work with the Jockey plinth, why not with people dressed as Jockeys??
  11. [cancerblack]
    Has anyone noticed that the big giant head appears to have huge "bulbs" over where the eye sockets ought to be? And that it doesnt have any lips over the teeth? Reminiscent of givers original alien design, with a nose.
    i don't think stone is a good fit with biomechanics at all, and certainly not in the way the floors appear in those leaked set photos. kane and that looked like they were walking through some massive digestive system, here it looks like the wheelchair friendly entrance to giger's bar
  13. wmmvrrvrrmm
    well, I suppose the derelict, you could argue it was a spaceship but at the end of the day, it was a biomechanic structure of some sort fulfilling a purpose to be guessed at. Ideally it was a spaceship, but....
  14. KFS
    Well you can already see with the ship/cave entrance that we saw that the Vagina entrance is already gone.
    But well since it's still feel biorganic and is a different class ship i don't mind.
    Or do i?

    I don't remember the floor of the derelict corridors being very biomechanical.
    BTW way i doubt the vaginas were the real entrance of the derelict ship, the corridor they lead to is too small for an SJ. Some exhaust ducts or anything like this?
  15. wmmvrrvrrmm
    It's certainly a different biomechanical design although the floors seemed to be not biomechanical. I have to say I don't know what the idea behind it is or what Giger was possibly asked to design in this case.

    It might all be part of a land based building complex somewhere
  16. Never say no to Panda!
    Nooo, pls no vagina...that would've worked for the first movie in 1979 but imagine today's cinema audience, PG13, sitting there with all those kids and then suddenly a big vagina appears. They would not calm down till the credits  :o
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