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Prometheus Footage at Cine Europe

It seems 20th Century Fox will be showing some Prometheus footage a lot sooner than anyone hoped. They will be showing some footage from the film at the Cine Europe expo in Amsterdam tomorrow at 7:30PM (CET). The news came from journalist, David Piendo, who made the comment on Twitter:

Ridley scott will be screening footage of his film Prometheus at Cine Europe! Cameron with Titanic 3D material!

Some cast members will reportedly be at the screening too. Unfortunately, the event is closed off to the public so it’s unlikely we’ll hear much, if anything, about it. Thanks to Squidlovez and AlienPrequelNews for the news.

Update: Unfortunately, no footage was shown at the expo but Ridley Scott and the cast were there talking about the movie.

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  1. Valaquen
    QuoteScott and his two top cast members flew directly to CineEurope from the Prometheus set in Pinewood, London but did not bring any footage from the new, top secret project. They remained cagey during a Q&A session, only letting a few details of the film slip out. Scott acknowledged that Prometheus, while not a direct prequel to Alien, occupies the same general universe, saying the picture was inspired by a desire to explore the mystery of the "space jockey" the giant fossilized creature with the burst-open chest seen in the first Alien movie but never explained.

    Scott also confirmed that the film's title is the name of a space ship sent from earth by an all-powerful corporation of the kind familiar to fans of the Alien franchise. The mythical reference - in Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to man -- is deliberate.

    "The (space) journey, metaphorically, is about a challenge to the gods," Scott said. But Scott's ambitions with Prometheus go far beyond simply restarting a hit franchise. The British director said the film's storyline, and script by David Lindelof, was partially inspired by the writings of legendary Swiss sci-fi writer Eric van Daniken.

  2. Circadian
    Quote from: predxeno on Jun 28, 2011, 04:24:01 PM
    Did anyone see this footage yet?  Can you answer whether or not this movie is connected to the Alien franchise at all?

    Haven't seen it yet. However, it has been confirmed by Damon Lindelof in a recent interview (found in the new thread). He confirms that it is a story that is set within the alien universe that precedes the storyline of the original franchise. So yes, it is an alien prequel. He has also said that many ideas found in the first Alien prequel script will be found in Lindelof's treatment of the script. Check out for a nifty transcript of the interview.
  3. Highland

    Reading back that old thread brings back some memories. I was such an optimistic little fella with a bit of passion and hope.

    Now I'm like the old fart on the park bench watching the next train wreck come through..
  4. RagingDragon
    Wow!  Yeah I don't want to know anything more than if the movie is actually an Alien prequel.  This is very exciting though, hopefully this means we'll get a true sci-fi/horror in the vein of Alien, not a Ridley art film with random aliens in it :D.
  5. Darkoo
    Quote from: Daz85 on Jun 27, 2011, 09:20:04 AM
    Wasn't something like this done for AVPR back in the day? I remember something was shown at an Amsterdam expo way before release.
    Haha... nostalgy...
    QuoteAccording to Variety, the clip garnered a "shock response" from the crowd. – And I'm assuming that's a good thing.
    QuoteIn space no one can hear you scream, but in Amsterdam everyone can." The horror clip elicited the desired shocked response from the packed auditorium.
  6. predxeno
    Those of you who go see this, you have to report back to us.  Look out for any clues that might tell us if there's really any relation between this movie and the Alien franchise.
  7. Keyes
    I have a feeling that due to the fact there will be no journalists/bloggers there, that we prob won't hear much about this event... however it does make a Comic Con appearance more likely if they've got a bit of footage ready. Just gotta be patient and see what we get :)
  8. Keyes
    Wasn't something like this done for AVPR back in the day? I remember something was shown at an Amsterdam expo way before release. Hopefully we get some info! And Cameron is going to be there too... maybe him and Ridley will appear together?
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