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Prometheus at Comic-Con 2011?

Prometheus is rumoured to be appearing on Comic-Con 2011 which takes place between July 21-24 in San Diego. Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter posted a message on Twitter saying it will make an appearance.

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus movie will get a Hall H presentation at CC. As will Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. But which actors will be there?

Another rumour doing the rounds is that the Prometheus teaser trailer may be attached to Rise of the Planet of the Apes due out August 5th. In related news, designer Neville Page has been talking about Prometheus. No major details, unfortunately. You can read an interview with him on MTV as well as an audio interview with him on RejectRadio (transcripts can be found on AlienPrequelNews). Thanks to Daz85 and AlienPrequelNews for the tip.

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  1. Wobblyboddle77
    If Scott is asked about Xenos in prometheus and no doubt i'm sure he has an answer ready, he will try and distance that aspect of the film, as obviously prometheus he will want to sell it as a unique sci fi experience which covers a broad spectrum such as same sex relationships, time dilation and terraforming. But he will say there are elements of alien in there for the fans
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