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Alien Encounters: Superior Fan Power Since 1979

If you don’t already know about this upcoming documentary, you need to read the following:

“With ‘Prometheus’, the Ridley Scott directed prequel film to ‘Alien’ set for release in June 2012, this entirely new Aliens documentary is a tribute to the cast and crews of the Alien series by the audience themselves – the fans. Featuring cast and crew members from the Alien franchise including Lance Henriksen, Veronica Cartwright, Michael Biehn and Brad Dourif among others and the only coverage of the outstanding live action event ‘The Alien Encounter’ plus the worlds biggest costuming parade featuring over 60 Colonial Marines and Aliens staged in Atlanta, USA.”

Alien Encounters is due for release late 2011 or early 2012 with a screening at Leicester Square or London Piccadilly. We’ll continue to cover the documentary over the coming months. If you don’t already, head over to Facebook and “like” the Alien Encounters page.

They will be releasing various bits of content over the coming months. Also keep an eye out for the full announcement of an Aliens convention being organized by Andrew David Clark, the director/writer of Encounters.

Update: I’ve embedded a short clip from the documentary kindly provided to us as an AvPGalaxy exclusive. The clip is regarding fanfilms and includes Darren Kemp who we recently spoke to.

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