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Aliens Colonial Marines For Wii U

Nintendo just showed footage for Aliens: Colonial Marines in their E3 conference. It seems it will be coming out for Nintendo’s new console Wii U. The gameplay video shows some Alien Eggs, the Motion Tracker, a marine getting pulled into a vent and the player in Hadley’s Hope being attacked by an Alien. Check out the video below:

There was no specific release date for the Wii U but I guess it will be some time in 2012. Update #1: HD footage can be found on Gametrailers. Update #2: Sega and Gearbox made an announcement concerning this. They say it is being “prototyped and considered” for the Nintendo Wii U. Update #3: Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford spoke in detail in what we can expect from the Wii U controller and ACM.

Please check ikarop’s thread in the forum for constant updates regarding ACM and E3. We’ll only be posting the important stuff on the frontpage.

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