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Minor Details On New Aliens Game

Gaming website, Rock Paper Shotgun, has posted up a few minor details about the upcoming Creative Assembly game:

“What we do know that it’s described only as an ‘action’ game and will be tackled primarily by the team who made Viking: Battle for Asgard on the console toys. However, CA are staffing up hugely to tackle this game. They’re increasing their UK headcount to 200, and picking up a new 10,000 sq ft studio for the purposes of this. If you’re a UK dev looking for work, you might want to take a peek at their job listings later today.

So, that’s that for now – it may be some time until we hear much more about the game, apparently. But we can take two things from the table today: a) it’s Alien, not Aliens, and apparently won’t be just another space mariney shooter.”

Sounds like this one is going to be interesting. Watch this space for more.

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