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AvPG Exclusive: Prometheus Concept Art

Ahem…As a few of you figured out the Space Jockey concept art was in fact an April Fool’s from the pencil of none other than our very own amazingly talented Cellien.

And as well that we’ve also made the 10 Most Heartbreaking April Fool’s Movie News Scoops (2011). And there’s more. Other movie sites picked up the image and had a bit of a run with it: Aint It Cool News, JoBlo and FilmShaft.

ORIGINAL APRIL FOOL’S POST: This finally answers the question is Prometheus related to Alien. We’ve scooped an exclusive sneak peak at some concept art from 20th Century Fox:

 AvPG Exclusive: Prometheus Concept Art

Most interesting is the inclusion of the Predator shoulder-cannon in the design and the lack of legs. Click here for the full size image (currently hosted on my personal host, it’ll be in the Gallery soon) and keep an eye out for more exclusive content.

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  1. beb
    if you even read my earlier posts ghost rider you would know i playfully cursed this thread for even putting it in peoples head even though its not real artwork for the movie
  2. beb
    yes i do know its a joke but the damn thing has broken off into another discussion about the bullshit about the actual differences between the movies not that damn piece of artwork that is well done i new from the beginning about the april fools joke just check it would have been posted on there but it was fake anyways people are actually discussing   the similarity thats why i cursed vul for doing the damn thing if you even get my responce 
  3. beb
    and that fox owns both franchise i see same shit used over all the time in other movies even same stunt shots used in three or four movies there is no logic in what they do its just for money they see somthing that sells and they make a similar theme
  4. Darklarik
    Quote from: Space Sweeper on Apr 01, 2011, 07:06:21 AM
    Oh, come on SiL. Lighten up, man. You act as if the whole franchise is coming to an end.

    I think it's a lovely aesthetic, and adds a whole new depth to the jockey mythos. Are they Predators? Only time will tell.
    Cant help but Doubt that they are predators. Given the comics.... and the fact that the jockey in Alien 1 was like twice as tall as any pred if it stood up.

    still pisses me of that they have so much predator influence, i was hoping for something original. I hope that if the final desing is similar to predatos they at least give a cannonic explanation of why the two species are so dam similar in gear.

    UPDATE: I just read the 9th page.... dammit
  5. Vulhala
    I think it's f**king awesome it went as far as it did. I keep randomly cracking up thinking about it.

    And Cellien, you got skills dude. Even though we knew it was fake, it was good enough to fool a lot of people. Awesome, awesome work mate  :)
  6. eyesofthedemon
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Apr 01, 2011, 09:32:28 PM
    Quote from: eyesofthedemon on Apr 01, 2011, 08:58:24 PM

    That may be a problem on the account of being dead,good one Hicks ;)

    Cool pic though,love the style,glad its a joke though :laugh:

    No, seriously...The artist's name is Lowry...He's not dead. I hope he's not.

    :laugh: I thought it was a clever sign that it was a joke,Lowry being a famous but long dead artist,read too much into it i suppose ;)

    Still an awesome pic though (minus the cannon) :laugh:
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