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NECA Reveals Lost Predators Figures

NECA Toys has finally unveiled their first two of the Lost Predators from Predator 2:

 NECA Reveals Lost Predators Figures

Say hello to Boar Predator. Also next in line is the Shaman Predator. You can see a picture of him in the forums. These figures were initially shown in the latest issue of the Wizards magazine with NECA showing bigger pictures on their Twitter. I’ve got to admit I’m pretty excited about these two.

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  1. PredAlienFreak
    heard 2 stories:

    first story:  every pred comes from a different clan and they decided to leave there clans because there were in a kind of war or other political/social problems - so they came together and decided to travel from planet to planet to focus only hunting

    other story: the costumes got lost or even worst: garbage!

    Don´t know what story is true, and don´t know if it´s official. Second story iis more popular
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