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AvPGalaxy Game Night

This is just a bit of a reminder for the community and an update in regards to the time and day of the AvPGalaxy game night:

  • Our X-Box 360 night has now changed to Tuesday nights at 8pm GMT. It is recommended you have both map packs but I will try to cater to those who don’t. If you’re interested just add my gamertag and let me know you’re interested in the game nights.

For more information just head on over this thread. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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  1. Vakarian
    Quote from: Space Sweeper on Mar 24, 2011, 05:02:17 AM
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Mar 23, 2011, 01:44:16 PM
    Yeah, I'm talking to you Sweeps!

    I'll be getting them, but Mass Effect 2 DLC comes first!

    I second that, was going to get new Halo Reach maps but Arrival has taken the spotlight lol
  2. beb
    if we do get a good group like that again i would love more domination and infestation especially the map packs please everybody get these they are better then the maps that come with the game and it was fun playing duke with you hicks i hope to help you finish the game and get all those secrets
  3. Vakarian
    Man, there was a huge turnout last night, joined the lobby, but then of all the times, my girlfriend called me >.>...Such a pain in the ass because i just bought the last mappack i needed, oh wells, guess next week will be my time to shine  ;D
  4. Corporal Hicks
    Please! I'm begging everyone to get the map packs. We get so many come in and then one or two don't have them. Yeah, I'm talking to you Sweeps! Crashsite, Furious and Docks are fantastic. Totally worth it.
  5. Vulhala
    Quote from: RagingDragon on Mar 23, 2011, 05:41:31 AM
    Aww, next Teusday I'm in, and if I can play with all you dudes, I might even shell out for the map packs!

    We'd love to have you mate. The more the merrier :D

    And just to follow on from what you said, if it's at all possible, can everybody try and get at least one of the map packs for next week? We're not kidding when we say that they have some of the best maps. And if you're a fan of our 100 point games, then you need Crash in your life. And they're only about 500 points each, which is nothing! NO EXCUSES NEXT WEEK! :D
  6. RagingDragon
    Aww, next Teusday I'm in, and if I can play with all you dudes, I might even shell out for the map packs!  Kick ass that you're keeping the game alive, it really can be fun.  Too bad everyone plays Call of Duty: Crack Ops 24/7 on the same 2 maps with the same 2 weapons.  :) 
  7. beb
    from the huge success of tonight with that pure excellence of that domination game and the overall fun i do think if we have regulars for xbox to set up an alternate game night of xbox regulars i find my self getting more addicted every time is this possible because i see moderators online alot so i was wondering if it wasnt a promised thing and it was maybe a gamenight when an mod is not obligated but could be there or not just somthing thats not 100 percent but is a extra game night that might be there some of the times
  8. Purebreedalien
    Due to Hicks' scheduling issues he won't be able to run the Game Night tomorrow, so I'm the back-up host. Providing I can get the disc to work of course. :D
    I'll try my absolute best to be there. I don't see any problems so unless something urgent comes up I should be there.
  9. beb
    connection issues i am very afraid of having connection problems ruining my fun i cant talk to hicks in a party connection just between us and last week i barely got in the avp group because of connection so if anybody can help whether i need to change ip manually to configure with you guys but in the long run this scares the s##t out of me
  10. jimmylace
    was a good game, got a couple of highish scores but bowed out at 10 due to work-related knackeredness....will try to get online earlier next time...I think I missed out on most of the DMs :(
  11. RaZorbakk36
    I missed game night, i didnt realize it until 8pm my time,  i was like "what should i be doing right now" . ill try to be in next time im really enjoying this its nice to have people that want to play a game i want to. Getting tired of trudging through halo reach

    But its been a blast so far looking forward to it again
  12. Corporal Hicks
    Throughly enjoyed last night. That's probably the longest we've ever played. Some great games, some fantastic moments. And once again, I got Badblood/Hamster with the flame thrower! Muwaaaahhhhaaaaa. I am Flame Man! Poor Kable though... too good for his own good :P

    And once again, I have to say this! Please buy the bloody DLC! I wanna play on Furious and Crashsite. Fortunately once some folk left a bunch of us managed to get a great Docks game but comeon guys! Get the DLC!
  13. beb
    are you running the party cplhicks or deadpool because last 2 times i believe i joined deadpools party i just want to know so if whoever gets online first i will jump in to that party
  14. beb
    so daylight savings time has hit the east coast so umm still 8 00 gmt or 7 00 cause that means i will get on at 12 00 for a party spot 3 hours early as i always do
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