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Composer Kevin Riepl Talks Aliens Colonial Marines

Colonial Marines composer Kevin Riepl has been talking with horror movie site Bloody Disgusting about his work scoring games and movies:

“I do my best when approaching a scene, to score the human element, if there is one, rather than the environment. To assist in the emotional connection between the story and the viewer. If said scene is all visuals of environments like the lairs, I may at times score it with a mixture of organic orchestral instruments with touches of modern synthetic elements mixed in to really bring the viewer into the setting. In other instances I may score the scene to help connect the viewer to the cold, damp, and completely foreign vibe of the environment.”

He talks briefly about his work on Colonial Marines. Thanks to sh0dan and Brother for the news.

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  1. Vertigo
    I wish Kevin all the best after his recent health troubles, but I'm not a fan of his work. The use of horns and other orchestral instruments was utterly out of place in UT2003/4, the other composer's synth/bass music generally fitted much better. I don't think orchestral instruments sound at all organic, personally - they tend to be too strident and domineering.

    Riepl's semi-orchestral style is a much better fit with the Aliens universe, but that failure to understand and capture the Unreal universe is a cause for concern.
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