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Charlize Theron For Alien Prequel

According to Vulture, actress Charlize Theron is being sought by Fox for a role in the Prequel:

“Regardless, we’re told that Fox is having the role rewritten so that it’s larger and befitting, if not of Theron, then at least of someone of Theron’s stature. We’re also told that the South African beauty should get the new version of the Alien script sometime this week and make her decision soon.”

This should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as Vulture’s last Alien Prequel news was debunked as incorrect. Thanks to Shasvre for the news.

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  1. Federick Gonsa
    I just don't want super hot chicks cast that are all dolled up for the cameras because that shit is so far from reality. homely looking chicks = anything to do with science

    What if the character is not a scientist? What if in this movie the main characters are the celebrities filming the first space based reality tv show and on 3D? They then get crash landed on the space jockey planet, and keeping up with the reality tv spirit, they continue filming as they explore the eggs in the ship, and it all goes to hell. Ridley could film it like Cloverfield. The movie ends with Ash watching the recently found transmission of the reality tv show.

    OH! And something came to my mind, remember those casting rumors about James Franco? I think they may be and only based on the fact that he gets chooses gay roles for movies quite often (as he admitted on an interview). Perhaps the one with the rumor read "Harvest" and just made it up based on James Franco's casting choices? fancasting perhaps?
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