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  1. Rudy M Alapag
    i would like to see a actress probably being a soldier-like Ripley in this new ALIEN. I hope to see what she will fit in Ripley's shoes being the hero or die a hero.
  2. williammcnasty#awesome92
    HAH i like what NewbornSUX said i was thinking the same thing the other day about that and alien 3. but yea i agree this isnt a clear sign that anything has happened, only that theres a line up of haz mats and what not, but i guesse any female leads for this role just have to be serious about the aliens situation, dodge a few bullets with weyland yutani and be scared and sweat alot
  3. NewbornSUX
    Resurrection never actually happened, it's just a bad dream, a nightmare in fact.

    Just bring back Hicks(and maaaybe Ripley), loads of colonial marines and so on :)
  4. [FF]-Starscream
    I thought that the lack of info about the Pilot race in Alien 1  gave the story a sense of depth. Sometimes not revealing all the secrets is what keeps the audience allured to the mythos and keeps their imagination wild. I hope Ridley doesn't fudge this one. I like the sense of mystery, and sometimes I think some things are best kept alone. I would've preferred that the story move forward instead of backward, but given Alien Ressurection's sloppy plot, I don't think there's much room for providing any substance to the fate of Weyland Yutani. I kinda wish WY still existed during the time setting of Resurrection.
  5. Mr. Weyland
    I think I am the only guy (maybe not) who actually doesn't care for a prequel, maybe if it was set after Alien 3, which explains the companies fate. But before the 1st film, no thanks, it will cause to much fan anger.
  6. Brother
    Ummm there is no potential. She doesn't make no mention of even speaking to Ridley Scott about being in his installment, only that she spoke to him. And I seriously doubt that movie is going to have a cast with natalie portman and carey mulligan ::)
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