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H.R. Giger for Alien Prequel?

This is definitely good news if it’s true. H.R. Giger’s wife, Carmen Scheifele, has said the Swiss surrealist painter is working on the Alien Prequel. You can check out the video interview with his wife here and another report about it here. It’s in German though.

HR Giger, Schöpfer der “Alien”-Figur für den 1979 entstandenen Film von Ridley Scott, wird erneut mit dem Regisseur zusammenarbeiten. Dies bestätigte die Frau des Schweizer Künstlers, Carmen Scheifele, in der Sendung “glanz & gloria” des Schweizer Fernsehens. Ihr Mann sei “on board”, also dabei, sagte Scheifele. Es werde sicher einen 3D-Film geben, wahrscheinlich aber zwei. Geplant sei ein Prequel, das die Geschichte vor dem ersten Alien-Film erzählt.

Basically, she says that Giger is on-board for the prequel. It will be a 3D film – there might be two and that it takes place before the first film. H.R. Giger of course created the Alien creature as well as various set pieces in the original Alien including the Space Jockey and its spacecraft. Thanks to Undel for the news.

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  1. Superpredator
    Alien 5 is ment to be about the space jokey and H.R GIGER designed it but nobody could could make one like him he is the best            
                                           R.I.P  Kevin Peter Hall
  2. skull-splitter
    @ Brego:
    It wasn't Alien anymore in Gigers mind, it was more of a wolverine biomechanical monster, more Sil than Alien (but that might be a good thing). ADI took his guidance and had a tighter schedule than Giger would've required.

    The look of the A3 runner IMO is superb, and perhaps I like it most of all, it certainly was Giger through and through.

    What killed the A3 creature for most was that it behaved different than expected. Now imagine it even looked different too.

    Then again, I like Alien 3 best out of the whole series...
  3. jimmylace
    i've grown fond of ADIs aliens...they sort of worked quite well in the context of alien vs predator. (their predators werent so great) But glad to hear this news for the standalone,
    I agree with abbath-demonaz. I prefer the bio-mechanical look of the aliens in the alien movies. I am such a huge fan of H.R. Giger and I am hoping that this movie would saved the franchise and I cant wait what new alien creature designs that H.R. Giger is working on at the moment. This is pretty promising news since they went away from the bio-mechanical in Alien 3. The last 3 designs of the aliens looked horrible I hated those designs. I agree with necrotard too about I also thought the alien kisses people to death was a pretty neat idea by Giger.  ;D
  5. Nukiemorph
    People talk about Giger's idea of an alien that kisses people to death as if it's the dumbest thing they've ever heard... but have you guys actually seen him describe the idea in the DVD special features?  It actually sounds kind of interesting...  Not sure if I'd have wanted it in the film, but it's still pretty cool.
  6. azrael55
    while i think giger's work on the alien itself is done, he is desperately needed for working on designs regarding the space jockeys (the creatures themselves as well as their environment). therefore, this is the best news about the prequel since we had been told scott would be the director!
  7. Brego
    I strongly disagree with those who didnt like his work on A3, if his ideas had made it through to fruition, I think we would not have had such a negative response to A.  I loved HRG's designs, even in their early stages.  Rather than making the Runner more animal like, HRG planned to make it even more Biomechanical.  Anyhow, its great news regarding the prequel, lets hope its true.
  8. The Necronoir
    Considering Ridley's avouched shift in focus, it's fairly safe to assume that Giger will be working primarily on the Pilot race designs, which is where his biomechanical aesthetic is sure to shine. No one else can envision such a messed-up fusion of organism and machine.
  9. abbath-demonaz
    I love Giger's work and since Alien 3, the Aliens looks awful (no more Biomechanical), I think he can do a good job designing new creatures and bring back the biomechanical alien!
  10. RoaryUK
    Have to agree with skull-splitter here.  As much as i love Gigars contribution to the original Alien, even in that film some of his work was nothing short of being a turkey (pun intended), whle for Alien3 FOX wisely pulled the rug from under him after he already went too far with his "kissing" alien, and I dont usually agree with FOX on most things anyway.  Having said that, Gigars absense for Aliens and A:R, was more than obvious, only the colaboration between Winston & Cameron for the Alien Queen really stood out, the majority of the creature effects were pretty awful. The 4th film did show some promise, bringing back the smooth Alien heads was a good move and the eggs never looked better.  Unfortunately everything in between, though mostly looked great, was either over the top or just unnecessary I thought.
  11. skull-splitter
    I have mixed feelings.

    I love his work, but what he wanted to do on Alien 3 was straying FAR too far from the set lore that Alien has become, let alone that it'd be practical to use his designs.

    However, apart from the second and third film, all films he wasn't working on were shite on the Alien part.
  12. Rudy M Alapag
    8)  sounds very cool. having H.R. Giger being involved in the ALIEN PREQUEL. which it may b 1 or 2 films. but what about the rating? is it gonna b rated R or rated PG-13? I would love it 2 b rated R. That's why the 1st ALIEN was rated R and so on.
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