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Aliens Colonial Marines Teaser Trailer

You may remember Gearbox showcased a trailer for Aliens Colonial Marines in September 2008. It was a private function and cam footage of it was leaked back then. The actual teaser trailer has now been leaked in high quality. It starts with a shot of a planet and then pans to Alien eggs with marines exploring in the background. A facehugger jumps out and the clip ends.

The trailer was produced by a company called Digic Pictures who seem to have done several game trailers. Thanks to 4H0-DMT, Ikarop and Xhan for the news.

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    dont care anymore, SEGA failed to support AvP for ps3/360, why should they care for this. and i will believe in this game when i see it, have seen no real footage or any news yet. this is turning into a duke nukem forever joke, but with SEGA behind it still does not give me high hopes anymore, not after what they did with AvP
  2. Blaze
    The colony did get destroyed! But the derelict spacecraft was in fact shielded from the nuclear blast by the mountains "past the Ilium range" So that mans the ship is still there with its dangerous cargo! The abandon USS Sulaco might also carry more hidden eggs from the alien queen that Ripley fought.

    Man this game is gonna be Awesome-sauce
  3. Blaze
    @ Abe: It takes place after the events of Alien 3 The Marines are sent in to investigate the disappearances of Ripley,Hicks, Burke and the rest of Marines from the doomed Lv-426  mission!
  4. Rudy M Alapag
    8) jumped from my computer chair and the facehugger just scared the daylights out of me. real cool teaser trailer so far so good no other game trailer could do any better than that.
  5. Viscus
    I hope they do release information on it soon, rather than leaving us in the dark about it. Anything at all just so we know it IS still in production and this isn't just someone who got their hands on an original copy of the trailer.
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