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Aliens CM Release Update

Sega have still not given the upcoming Aliens Colonial Marines a release date. Yesterday, Sega revealed their 2011 line-up and ACM is still listed as to-be-confirmed. The game was also mentioned in January’s issue of Game Informer magazine who interviewed Alan Pritchard – Sega of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. RidgeTop managed to take a picture of it:

 Aliens CM Release Update

So still no release date but we may hear something more about it in the next few months. Most likely, the game will be released around the same time as the Alien Prequel.

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  1. Mr. Weyland
    @ Fujimaster

    It does suck when you have to wait so damn long for a game that you actually age, so far I have completed college, graduated university, been unemployed for a year then got a job, whilst waiting for this game  :P

    But I do think its worse for those who has been waiting for Duke Nukem this whole time, funny that Gear Box would pick that up as well, after the how long its taking them to release the Aliens game.
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