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Alien Prequels Release Pushed Back

According to Scriptflags the release of both parts of the prequel have been pushed back:

“Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequel #1 & #2 have both been pushed back a full twelve months to 2013 & 2014. There has been no official explanation from Fox or Scott’s camp. This comes two months after their first publicized fallout over budgetary and rating criteria.”

The article doesn’t state any sources however. Thanks to Shasvre for the news.

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  1. Thalinor
    Damn Fox Again.  PG-13, christ why do lil bstrd children ruin everything for adults.  They ruin our video games that have to be dumbed down and now our movies.  I hate kids.
  2. wmmvrrvrrmm
    It seems as if we've had more sourceless fictional news being reported than we can wave a stick at. I posted a comment as Flagscript saying that unless they reveal their sources I'll take their news with a pinch of salt and well my comment certainly isn't there to be seen.
  3. williammcnasty#awesome92
    glad we have rumor control
    i feel a foreboding sense about this, that concerns me, and im sure the rest of the fans, all we can do is wait for Ridly to pull some strings, i mean at least a teaser wouldve been relieving but alas
  4. MrFacehug
    This certainly sucks. I hope it's worth the wait in the end. And apparently, I've been living under a rock for some time now, I had no idea Ridley was planning two prequels.  :-\  Let's hope for the best!
  5. wmmvrrvrrmm
    As far as I'm concerned, Shasvre ought to have shoved it back where it came from rather than inform this sight about it, whether there's any truth behind this vague rumour in the report or not.
  6. wmmvrrvrrmm
    Well, we might remember Ridley stating that although he has two prequels in mind, he's only focusing on getting the first one out rather than being able to talk about the second one coming out
  7. the truth
    The studio pushed it back cause they need alot more time to nail down the settings and create the stages where this will be shot.
    And this then will free up a slot of time for PREDATORS 2 which the studio says is gearing up for a 2011/2012 release
    Rodriguez has finished the story and is looking for writers he hopes to start filming after he finishes the MACHETE sequel called MACHETE KILLS which filming should begin shortly Danny Trejo confirmed Rodriguez has finished the story and will film a.s.a.p.
  8. Goji
    Honestly, this is probably for the best. 2012 already has "The Dark Knight Rises", as well as Legendary's take of Godzilla (among tons of other super hero films). It's probably best it's pushed back, and of course, to make sure it's actually awesome, and not a rush job.
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