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Pyramid in the Alien Prequel?

I’d like to preface this one by saying take this with a grain of salt as it is only 3rd hand information. Richard Daborn pointed me towards this post:

“I’m not sure if any of this is known, but my Brother works in TV and one of the crews he works with came back from Morocco about 10 days ago (I waited until I knew it would be okay to mention). He was told that the area of desert they were shooting (where Scott shot Kingdom of Heaven) on had just been recced by Scott and he’s given the go ahead for them to start work on a pyramid!

The person who told my Brother thought it was going to be a part of Earth, but the pyramid sounds suspiciously like the original pyramid idea for Alien, so might actually be Acheron, or another planet.”

This was posted over at the Aliens Legacy forum.

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  1. Brego
    If memory serves, originally the eggs (In Alien) were all contained in the egg silo (pyramid) and the derelict crashed landed either on top or near by it.  Budget cut that idea and the eggs were relocated in the derelict.  Giger's egg silo was a mammary shape, all the more creepy.  I truly hope that Giger is involved in the overall look of the prequel.  His visions alone are enough to creep me out, landscapes etc...
  2. St_Eddie

    Plus I'd always imagined that after the Nexus-6 fiasco, a law was passed enforcing replicant manufacturers to use white blood, in order to make the distinction between human and replicant clearer (a simple blood test is all that would be needed to clarify, as opposed to the whole Voight-Kampff test).
  3. St_Eddie
    There will NOT be a predator in sight in the prequel.  I can promise you that.  Ridley Scott has more sense than that, as does Damon Lindelof.  Seriously, why are people so keen on this idea?!  It's a horrible concept but I guess it explains the relative box office success of the AVP films. *SIGH*
  4. Infected
    It would be so awesome if there will be a pred in this movie and marines and aliens and jockeys,and the pred and marines get f**king horrified mutilated and raped and left for dead by a far more superior race of jockeys and aliens.
  5. St_Eddie
    SpaceMarines, It's interesting that you posted that picture of the Tyrell building from Blade Runner because when I first read this article I thought 'Bullcrap', then I thought 'if this is for real, it could mean Ridley is holding up to his (and my) belief that Blade Runner takes place in the same universe as Alien'.

    How cool would it be to see the same version of Earth depicted in Blade Runner, in the Alien prequel.  I'd say cooler then a penguin wearing shades, sucking an ice-lolly, frozen in an iceblock.
  6. Mr. Clemens
    Hey, Valaquen. Yes, that's technically the 'egg silo', but again, technically, so is the area in the hold of the derelict, where Kane finds the eggs. The egg silo pictured above was designed to function as the 'pyramid' in O'Bannon's script, however, so I thought it was worth showing here.

    At any rate, it's no less accurate than the information in the original post!  ;)
  7. darthmaul1
    I liked the pyramid idea in avp and I think avp is salvagable so a pyramid in an alien prequel could be possible. And would be cool. Even better in the prequel show a skeleton of a pred or a small glimps of a pred scouting.
  8. Valaquen
    Mr Clemens, Giger enver sdesigned a pyramid, that is the egg silo, an alternative to the pyramid concept, which was designed by Chriss Foss and Ron Cobb, I believe. It was cut from Dan O'Bannon's screenplay. If Ridley wants to bring it back, then it was Alien's idea and part of the original mythology, not AVP's. We've had nifty pyramids in Blade Runner and Terminator 2: 3D.
  9. Wolf359
    I don't know why you are all complaining. None of us have a say in this matter, just a thought, opinion, or a complaint. Nothing more. That being said, You do whatever you want to do with this film Ridley, This is your project. Not ours.
  10. Rudy
    the pyramids really explains the space jockeys and the Preds helping building them and the Alien(s) alongside. And the Alien ship coming from that home planet, stacking the eggs in the dark cargo ship, crashing on LV-426 and signaling the warning/distress call. Alien 1 starts. Thanks to AVP 1 and I understand this got nothing to do with the Preds themselves.
  11. St_Eddie
    Ah, the good old 'my brother works in the film industry and...' story.  As the first response said; 'dubious'.  Very, very dubious indeed.

    Also, did I mention that my Father's friend's Sister's dog claims to have an updated scoop on the pyramid.  I'll keep you posted (once I've checked with the pooch first to see if it's okay to let you guys know of course).

    If this turns out to be true, then boy, will I have egg on my face (eggs thrown by flying pigs no doubt)!
  12. Le Celticant
    Pyramid... There are plenty of giger's work design that exclude the use of pyramid and that could fit to the Space Jockey civilisation. Why not using thus instead of incorporating the pyramid thing in which AVP has completely destroyed the myth.  :-\
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