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Production on Alien Prequel Started is reporting that production on the Prequel has started. They’re citing visual effects artist, Henry South:

“Started work on alien prequel today!! Absolutely stunning. Worth waiting till late 2011 for peeps!”

South posted this up on his Twitter which actually seems to have disappeared. We also know that Arther Max, the production designer, has been working on the film since September so whether ComicBookMovie are referring to pre-production or mean it’s moved into production, I don’t know. Thanks to Ryan Farkas for the link.

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  1. Spoon
    Aliens didn't end well at all.  We need these new films.  I actually thought all this talk was BS about prequel.  Amazing to hear its true and Ridley is doing it!
  2. St_Eddie
    I'm hyped for this news.  The 'glass half empty' side of me is fearful that the prequel will never actually see the light of day, so let's hope that production has actually begun.  On another positive note; I can't think why someone within the industry would confuse pre-production with actual production, so...

    ...Bring it on Ridley, bring it on!
  3. williammcnasty#awesome92
    i hear about the whole budget ordeal between fox and Ridley, i really hope this isnt gonna be one of those alien 3 scenarios where it always steps in with rewrites or something blatently obscene thatll ruin the movie or dwindle the quality of the movie
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