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Randy Pitchford Talks Aliens Colonial Marines

I’m sure we’re all getting rather frustrated at the lack of any news to do with Gearbox’s Colonial Marines. Seems like CEO Randy Pitchford thinks they announced it too soon:

“Duke Nukem Forever is consuming about 70 staff, so there’s still a huge amount of push power behind our other projects,” said Pitchford. “We’re very, very committed to Aliens: Colonial Marines and we’re very excited about that project.”

“Before the ink on the deal was even dry they issued a press release”

In it’s excitement Sega jumped the gun a little with the announcment of Aliens: Colonial Marines, said Pitchford. “I know it’s been ‘radio silent’ for long and we know that must be frustrating for some people, but the game was announced too soon.”

Oh well. Hopefully we’ll get there eventually. You can read the entire article at NowGamer. Thanks to Alien Experience for the news.

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  1. Ash 937
    So first he criticizes Sega and Fox for not allowing GBX to release info on the game and now he is blaming that lack of info on them because they released info about the game too early?!? wtf?
  2. Guest
    Why don't they just admit that they're going to cancel it? Yes, I know some games take a long time to develop but this is getting too predictable. Hearing them say this is like listening to a broken record.
  3. Gerrrrrrr
    i hate SEGA, they cut the ps3/360 AvP no longer supporting it, after half a year, what makes Aliens CM any different, im sure they will cut this project from the ps3/360 just like with AvP...
  4. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, this is somewhat comforting. Not surprised about the comment on Sega, though. They're already screwing AVP fans over BIG TIME by not releasing the damn console version of PC Patch 5. >:(

    When Pitchford says it must be frustrating for SOME people, I assume he means ALL. lol All I care about is that CM doesn't get canned, and that it's the authentically epic Alien title we've all been hoping for.
  5. skull-splitter
    "I know it's been 'radio silent' for long and we know that must be frustrating for some people, but the game was announced too soon."

    LOL, it should've been out last year according to the announcement, instead AVP got the boot to fill the gap. And it didn't get any better with that...
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