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More Alien Anthology Previews

Home Cinema Choice has been continuing its release of preview imagery from the Aliens Anthology. They officially released Aliens yesterday with Alien 3 coming online today:

 More Alien Anthology Previews

You can check out the rest over at Home Cinema Choice.  Dark Horizons have also posted a comparison article between the Aliens DVD and the recent preview images. Thanks to DazAvP85 and Paddy1973.

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  1. Neon_Knight
    They could have done a better job on Alien3...  

    The Alien and Aliens comparison shots look amazing, the Alien3 comparison shots look.. well, underwhelming.  Alien3 is the one film that really needs to be totally reworked, and nobody seems to be doing it.
  2. RoaryUK
    Nice Alien3 screen caps, though on first inspection they do look a bit dark, but very rich in colour, maybe it's just me I dunno... would be nice to have some DVD comparisons like ALIENS.  One thing I did notice is Hicks mutilated body is diffferent from the DVD version, the theatrical and SE dummies of Hicks were different as everyone knows, but it looks like they switched back to the DVD version....wonder why!
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