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AvPGalaxy Interviews Michael Broom

Ikarop recently wrapped up an interview he conducted with Michael Broom, a concept artist who worked on the recent Predators:

” I did a sketch for a kind of ‘Hannibal Lector’-type Predator. You know Steve Buchemi’s character in ‘Con Air’,  how they kept him strapped into this thing and a mask chained on him? Similar concept, but Predator version. Skinnier, scarier, kept on a chain to be released upon prey, like some freaky Berserker.”

They discuss much of the work done on Predators, including some that didn’t make it into the final product. Examples of Michael’s work are also included in the interview. Be sure to read this amazing interview.

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  1. GROND29
    Great interview! and some good artwork there. Be fantastic if they did a book of production photos and concept art for they film like ADI did with the AVP movies. I like the idea of the 'Lector' predator! that mask always scared me!
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