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  1. akafighter408
    I don't know about you hicks but I think predators preserve the game was the worst predator comic of all time. What do you think is the worst? And is it me or is the artwork in these books getting worse and worse. When the pred and alien books first came out in the 90s they had beutiful art work. Now all they do is make a cool cover and a crappy book. If they could make the inside look like the outside it would be a lot better
  2. Mr. Weyland
    Hey, I just emailed them about the PSN (Xbox live, same thing really) should be a while, well depends, when they will reply. But, I doubt they would bring it out for the live download worlds.  :-\
  3. The Necronoir
    Any chance you could do a follow-up question with the guys from Chillingo/Angry Mob about the possibility of releasing Predators on the PSN? I take it that's what you were getting at in one of your questions, but they misinterpreted it. I'd really like to play this game, but there's no way I'm getting an iPhone for it.
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