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DNR in Aliens Blu-Ray

Following the release of the Predator – Ultimate Hunter Edition, DNR (digital noise reduction) in Blu-ray releases seems to have become a concern for some of us. On the topic of DNR in the new Aliens release, The Digital Bits recently posted this:

“Everyone we trust who was involved, and/or has actually SEEN the new Aliens HD master for Blu-ray, reports to us that the film looks terrific. To the degree that DNR (digital noise reduction) was used, it was applied carefully and with a light hand, with an eye toward striking the proper balance between maintaining the detail and integrity of the image and the desire to reduce grain and address the deficiencies of the stock used at the time. There is apparently STILL grain left in the image, it’s just no longer excessive or distracting.”

Cameron himself supervised the restoration of the Blu-ray release. You can hear what he said here. Thanks to Griffith for the link.

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Comments: 10
  1. Nukiemorph
    I'm not waiting for screencaps.  I'm getting that limited edition packaging.  Even if Aliens looks no better than the DVD, I want that packaging and the touched-up workprint of part 3.
  2. OmegaZilla
    If the release looks like the Predator Ultimate Hunter Edition then I'm done. This latter's PQ is astounding and Aliens really needs some grain removed. Can't wait to have some caps.
  3. x51
    If Aliens was rescanned at 4k, the grain in the film shouldn't be as muddy as it looks in the first Predator Blu-Ray(though a better release than the Hunter Edition). The degree of DNR applied to whatever sections of the movie, hopefully it doesn't stick out.

    Haven't pre-ordered it yet, I wont order it until I have seen screen caps of Aliens, and hopefully doesn't destroy my Dream HD release  ;D
  4. skull-splitter
    The broader colors scheme is what I love the most about blu ray, it really adds depth in the picture (and being a lot sharper, it's just alright. Only few films qualify another buy though, so it'll be the fourth time I buy the whole collection of Alien and the third time I buy the whole collection of Predator films.
  5. Bio Mech Hunter
    I have both Predator 2 and the more recent Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray releases and they. Look. AMAZING. Especially the newer Ultimate release of the original Predator. I sincerely hope the visual quality of the new Alien Anthology Blu-ray set (at least) matches them.
  6. Fujimaster
    I have them, they are much better than DVD quality and seriously, there are only a few scenes in Pred 1 where its a bit grainy because of the darkness (and that's the pre-hunter edition). Very noticeable in the part where Mac says his speech about "I'M GONNA CUT YOUR NAME IN TWO!"
    Pred two is amazing quality for remade 1992 movie to B.D. Its 100 times better than DVD that's for sure.
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