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Gearbox at PAX

It seems like we may finally be breaking out of the bubble of silence surrounding Aliens: Colonial Marines. Gearbox is going to be attending gaming convention PAX:

“Gearbox Software continues the now well established PAX tradition of “What’s up with Gearbox” panel! We’ll be discussing Borderlands and the DLC packs, the Brothers in Arms franchise and Aliens: Colonial Marines. There will be time during the panel for gamers to get answers on all their favorite Gearbox games. There may even be a little Claptrap surprise!”

PAX begins on the 3rd of September with the Gearbox panel on Sunday the 5th.  Thanks to Chris!(($$))! for the link.

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Comments: 17
    If they ever would release CM I hope it's honestly more like Borderlands than AVP3.  Co-op split screen rocks.  Especialy when you can do it for the story mode of the game, not just sections of the game.
  2. Vakarian
    I Wouldn't get you hopes up, this will be all about Borderland and Aliens CM will proboably be in some back room where we'll get the usual "We're working very hard on this game but we can't show you anything." As much as id love to see some new footage i doubt very much we will. Hope im wrong  :)
  3. Stuntman
    would be nice if you can play as the alien...start as face hugger...hump some faces  :-X  then own ass and evolve to a queen and manage a hive...with the ability to control all different types of aliens. the SNAKE alien that spits acid would be kewl >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D
  4. Turn&shoot
    At last! Some info about A:CM! I'm drooling all over ever since I heared about this game. Can I (we) hope for screenshots or a in-game clip? That would be soooo good  :D
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