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Hot Toys Berserker Predator

Hot Toys have revealed their 1/6th scale Berserker Predator figure this week. The movie-accurate Berserker Predator collectible is specially crafted based on its image in the movie, highlighting the newly sculpted and painted head and body armory, interchangeable open and closed mandibles, face mask and detailed weapons.

 Hot Toys Berserker Predator

Check out for full details, specifications and more pictures. The figure is due for release at the end of this year. Thanks to Sol, The Switcher, Fernando for the news.

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  1. andy_07
    i love the look, plus the freaking targeting lights on the helmet come on!  its a bit pricey, but i might have to get it.  i like the neca ones too, those are the poor mans collectibles lol ;D
  2. eldersclan
    yeah but the 8 peaple were also predators in there planet (SPIOLER)
    and berserker kept on getting with an ax and didnt die until the last swing
  3. PyroAcid
    also note why  can 1 damn classic pred kill a whole team say 1 in the junga then have a younger 1 go to a city area kill  off 2 whole gangs and traincar full of pepole with guns.then you get these cavemen preds 3 vs 8 and lose so badley? just seems predators got nerfed.
  4. PyroAcid
    Badass to bad the toy looks better then the moive pred lol.

    just wish they were 7ft tall.

    and yes these preds are a race. the classic preds are more hightech these guys are more primitve.
  5. Mines as big as a house
    I still don't like it, i think victory marks covering his mask would have looked better like wolf or tattoo markings. and i dont like the way everybody seems to think the way to make a good movie is to kill off the original that we know and love at the hands of a new design. Jurassic park 3, aliens reserection, blade 2 ect. stay with a simple format that works. Movie was good just alot of flaws in my book.
  6. The Pointman
    ^ I think the same man. The jawbone is a really clever touch and adds to the detail of the mask. Makes the predator look more viscous too.
  7. Mines as big as a house
    Why is this figure much taller than classic, in the movie they fight an there the same size. im thinking RR should have got hot toys to do there suits coz this toy looks better. and beserker would have looked much better without that stupid f**kin jawbone shit.
  8. jeff161
    if any one is intrested ..over at on the front page scoll down till you see the making of the new hot toys predator amazing pics of the artist at hot toys sculpting this ....and i must say this is the best body style to date for the hot toys predators... buy checking out these pics i wound up pre ordering two of them...
  9. Predfanmick87
    Its funny how the BSP unmasked head in the movie looked fake and terrible and this Hot Toys head looks great in comparison. I wish Side Show Collectables would do a full scale Pussy Face Bust or Elder Predator Bust from Predator 2.  ::)
    Wow... This looks AMAZING.

    Preorders are up at $200 (194.99)

    I love the look, the interchangable mandibles, and the accurate to the original Predator 1/6th scale. TOTALLY impressed. I'd REALLY like to get this, I'm hoping I can afford it.

    X 8)
  11. Predator Warlord
    LMAO I kept calling it BERSERKER Predator hoping that it would catch on and I guess it was already the name for this masterpiece great minds think alike  :o

    I think i'm psychic no joke never did like it being called super predator cause it wasn't. It was just a bad blood and of a different subspecies of predators

    I can die in peace now
  12. Predator Warlord
    I love the look it feels like seeing a dark horse presentation of  new predator race come to life thank you Robert Rodriguez  and Antel

    but didn't he have to gauntlet blades I swear towards the end when he shoot one at Izabel and when he stabs Edwins back?
  13. Fernando
    I got the Mask and now for the figure, I really liked this movie and the direction it went. Its like a breath of fresh air. The Black predators are bad ass, now they just need a real name for the predators instead of Black and Classic
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