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  1. Starkiller
    i thought the movie was good, alot better than the avp's, the cast was great, the story was cool, the score was great, needed alot more new material tho, however it went well with the film, esp the nod to the alien theme, all in all a good movie but certainly not great.

    the bad points to the movie was the opening credits, could have been longer and more epic, after all its been 20years since a pred movie, the predators in the movie went predators, they didnt have the physique, the 'movements'. the vision mode was terrible and felt robotic, like terminator, i prefered 'the wolf' from avp-r, ian whyte was needed, i liked the movie, but the preds just died way too easy and they didnt act, feel, behave like preds. i just wish they could stick 2 the orginal 'stan winston' design. hopefully the sequel will have ian whyte potray the predator again, love that guy! and hopefully the vision mode will go back to the orginal and actually feel 'alien' and all the sounds, movements and gestures will return. i rate the movie 6/10. could have been 9.
  2. Guest
    the planet has no rotation, hence the spinning leaf that Isabelle showed to Royce. It was "night time" because the storm (that Noland mentioned) came in and blocked out the sun. The storm should have lasted A LOT longer on a planet with no rotation... thats the only problem I had with this scenerio.

    Royce covered himself in mud to hide his heat signature when he was running out of the fire and into the trees. It made perfect sense to me when we saw him run in and out frame, smacking Mr. Black in the face.
  3. PredatorsMan
    Did anyone else notice that? I mean when they escape the russians suicide explosion, adrien brody stands there in the raining ashes, and then the triangular aimers start to appear all over adriens chest and face. And in the trailer, there are like 20 aimers, but in the actual predators movie i just saw today, there is only one aimer from one or two predators from the remaining predators.
  4. PredatorsMan
    Ok just a question but how come in the trailer of predators, there are like 20 plasma cannon aimers at brody   but only one in the actual movie?
  5. Mr. Domino
    @ darthmaul1 Incorrect. There was a version of the creature before Stan Winston came along (this was when Van Damme was going to play thew creature), but that's not the design I was talking about. Winston designed a creature that looked very similar to Stickman, especially in the head, that was later replaced by the final design.
  6. darthmaul1
    Also with your comment about the stick man, I don't think Stan winston designed that.  They hired him after that creature design failed.  I saw it in the special features on the predator DVD and found it in wikepedia
    They were hired after attempts to create a convincing monster (including Jean-Claude Van Damme wearing a much different body suit) had failed. Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended Winston after his experience working on The Terminator
  7. darthmaul1
    Ok a few things wrong with your interpratation of the film.
    All Brody said was the sun hadn't moved since they got there, so maybe 2 hours? He was simply commenting that it wasn't like earth! So the sun must be moving slowly compared to earth and it did get dark later in the film.  Now the dogs, with the horns past the mouth, that according to ebert can't eat?? We don't know anything about them, maybe they have a tounge like a cameliin or maybe the horns retract like a tarantulas fangs? We don't know.  Not every thing has to be explained! And to the final fight I don't think the pred was trying to switch vision modes his vision was messed up from the explosion and the heat. And I think brody just put on the mud to maybe give himself a slight advantage but the fire nulified it.
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