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Predators Box Office Figures

The first box office figures have been revealed today. Predators opened in third place domestically taking $25.3M in 2669 theatres. It also made $18M abroad. By contrast, AvP Requiem made a little over $10M in its opening weekend domestically.

Update 19-Jul-10: As of today, the domestic total is just over $40M and the foreign total is $37.6M giving a worldwide total of $77,684,000.

Thanks to JordanLee for the news.

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  1. Predator Warlord
    @SHREK I saw predators twice and I thought it was worthy of a sequel and this coming from and old school Aliens and Predator fan
  2. Stuntman
    @Pyroacid No he wouldnt. If he did how the hell did he get tied up and the first place????!!!!! If i was the one with the wallet that said "bad mutha f**ka" on it I wouldnt be tied...his wallet reads "pussy face" :-*
  3. PyroAcid
    lol iam glad predators did this good. hopefuly now they can spend more money on the damn suit actors.  the way they made the predators in moive seem less intiminateing when were sopost to think these predators are -Super- and meaner. then a normal pred and the fight with the classic vs new clearly  he whould had a better chance if  he hadint been tied up for so long.
  4. deGRESSOR
    panzytuio-  I picture your girlfriend being strapped into a chair and being forcefed Predator movies like something out of Clockwork Orange, lol  It's ok, I almost did the same thing.
  5. SHREK
    jus watched predators....have to say i was VERY disappointed....after reading every1s comments i actually thought this might be good......turns out it was pretty terrible....not as bad as AVPR .... but not that much better either... shame.... i kinda think they should just stop now n leave predator 1 with sum dignity left
  6. AVP_DonVictor
    According to , as of Tuesday, the movie has made $29,731,330 in the US and $17,287,663 around the world which is a total of $47,018,993 in barely a week. We also have to take in consideration that the movie is only playing in 2,669 screens in comparison to movies like Twilight that is beating Predators but is playing in 4,468 screens which I don't think this fair at all.
  7. AVP_DonVictor
    This is my opinion, I think Predators is a good film ,I'm glad it's doing well , I really hope to see a sequel with a bigger budget.  Predators  is far superior than the AVP ones. I do like Predator 2, but  I think this one it's a better film because of the deeper story,  but as a huge Predator fan I am still a disappointed. If you guys haven't watched the first 2 in a while please do so, especially after watching Predators.  I don't understand how with all of the new technology  in Film in the last 20 years, the Predators looks and performance when on screen still is way better, scarier and more beliavable in the first 2 films that are around 20 years old. Is like now a days directors rely too much on CG effects and computers to do all of their work. Is like they forgot to shoot and edit a old school practical creature that relies on make up , costumes and traditional effects. I feel that some times they show too much when they don't need too, and the performances of the Predators were awful. The Predators in this film walked like regular human beings, no sense of weight. Did they forget that they suppose to be most bad ass aliens in the Universe?. Just try to go back and watch the first 2 to see what I mean. Predators are suppose to be like ninjas. They are fast and agile , but when they stop in front of you they don't just stand there waiting to get shot. I actually felt that I was was watching the Power Rangers at one point in the movie. So much build up and suspense in the first part of the movie, which was great.  Great acting especially from Adrien Broody, great story , and ending. Pretty good movie over all, but I had a problem believing the Predators once they were on screen.
  8. RoaryUK
    @Predator Warlord   Ahhh yes, the waterfall scene.  I actually missed that first time round lol.  I still don't recall Isobelle actually mentioning the name "Dutch", just an incident that took place at that time.  Sure makes you wonder though doesn't it, how Antal (director) insists Predators is a "stand alone movie" while Rodriguez (producer) talks about it being a homage to the original, then they confuse the issue even more by including a related scene... It would be nice if someone came out and cleared this up.
  9. Predator Warlord
    @ akafighter408 the reason why the berserk predator blew up the original predators ship was because he rigged it just in case he escaped.

    As for RoaryUK if it was a remake they wouldn't have had the waterfall scene where Isabelle describes the first movie in detail. She explains how dutch survived the Predator by covering him self up with mud
  10. @RoaryUK
    What they mean is that anyone can understand this film without having seen the original... making it a "stand alone" film. Youre taking it too literal. What he means to say is that theyre treating this as the first movie so everyone feels up-to-speed. If they completely ignored the original, than they wouldnt have had the waterfall scene where Isabelle describes the first movie in detail.
  11. CJ@mes
    Was VERY happy with the movies turn out! It wasn't perfect, but it was a satisfying new entry for sure. A little insight concerning the Pred battle....We all saw the Beserker woop the shit out of our classic predator right?? Just consider that the classic had been strung up without food or water for god knows how long....he was doomed from the start. I think he/it deff. held its own though. Of course he was killed...any being malnourished like that wouldn't really stand a chance against someone who was fully primed.  :)
  12. ninashi
    I LOVE this film, maybe even more than the first one.
    I've seen it four times already and itching to see it even more.I've also been watching my fave bits online..hahaha, but i am def supporting the film while it is sowing, so I don't feel I a doing anything wrong by watching it online as well.
    I have also got the DVD on order at amazon, so there.
  13. RoaryUK
    @Annonymous   Well first of all, my apologies, it was actually director Nimrod Antal who said Predators was a "stand alone film".  The excerpt (below) is from an earlier interview with him in L.A. Times back in march:

    "They are all predators in their own right and they are at each others throats. We're expanding the mythology but we're also making a stand-alone film. And, I hope this doesn't sound arrogant, but when it comes to imagery that not one of the previous can come close to. I'm very proud of the way the film looks."

    Meanwhile, another earlier another interview around the same time, on video this time with Robert Rodriguez, confirms his ideas for the film, in which he CLEARLY says:

    "The idea with the film was to not make it feel like the 5th or 6th in a series, but the first.  It's really just a reboot or a reimagining or however you wanna call it, it just feels like you're watching the series for the first time"

    That interview can be found here:

    Now, I dont care what country your from or what language you speak, but reboot, reimagining or the first in a series, whatever... they ALL mean the same thing.  Rodriguez even says it's not part of the series, how much proof do people want for Christ's sake!!!.  

    On a personal note, though I've been critical of how this film came about, I actually enjoyed Predators.  It is a bit of a rip-off of the original Predator movie, ok sure, but obviously part of the intention was to go back and do it all again as a kind of homage.  Yet there was a suprising amount of originality about Predators, the new creature designs and their hunting breed were excellent, there was just enough action to keep it satisfying and, unlike Predator which often felt like a war film with an alien in it, Predators never deviates from it's roots, maintaining the tension through-out.  Unfortunately, the one thing that made Predators come unstuck was the one thing Rodriguez should have got right even at a cost but didn't... the sets.  I mean the characters just don't look like they're in an alien enviroment at any point, some scenes are even laughable because you just know so can't imagine.  And so, despite some very good acting, particularly from Brodie, impressive predator effects that beat AvP hands down and some exceptionally fast-paced directing from Nimrod Antal, what should have been fundamental ended up holding the film back.  A fatal flaw that plagued the movie from begining to end, even in the dark, which is such a shame because this movie could have been a big winner.  

    Even so I gave it 4/5. It still took me by suprise.

  14. akafighter408
    I noticed classic predator summoned his ship with his wrist band, then when the super predator blows it up he uses his wrist band. So does that mean the super predators and the classic where ridding in the same ship? Anyone else notice this?
  15. Guest
    @ RoaryUK:

    Where did Rodriquez say it was a stand-alone film?? Judging by the waterfall scene, I'd say this is definitely a sequel... Isabelle reiterated the whole plot for the first movie! I think what Rodriguez probably said is that you dont necessarily have to see the original to understand this one... making it a "stand-alone" film.
  16. novaats
    I really enjoyed it I have to say - it's not amazing but it is very good and I'm definitely up for seeing it again. Anyone else think Hanzo is still alive? He was a fantastic character. I'd definitely be up for a sequel - would like to see them go more epic kind of like how Pitch Black was to Riddick. I'd like to see more of the galaxy, more of the clans etc.
  17. RoaryUK
    Why do people keep coming out with crap about PREDATORS being the sequel to the original Predator movie!!  Even Rodriguez has said his movie is a stand-alone film only based on it, Predator 2 is the sequel wether you like it or not... DEAL WITH IT!!!
  18. cabbageheat
    Marketing is a factor too.  Not only do they have to, at least, break even on the production budget, but the marketing budget is easily another 10 million give or take.  So...the jury is still out.  Seems like they are on their way though.
  19. Frank Elgyn
    Danny Badass Trejo cross himself with his left hand.  :o He is a real religious man.  ;D Check it in the Cuchillo clip ( 0:41 sec)  He gots a rosary and kills people. Haha
  20. matisian
    Fujimaster - I would say that the changing the design of the alien might not be an epic fail - for example if the H.R.Giger - the Alien maker do it perhaps it will somehow fit to the Alien Saga!!! Maybe its a little bit too early but would You say if the Aliens are genetic mutants made by the race of Space Jokey's??
  21. Fujimaster
    Hope Fox doesnt get to cocky and pump out another low quality sequel. At least they did the right thing with the Alien prequels, although Ridley Scotts most recent movies didnt quite do it for me. And he wants to change the design of the Alien ~ that would be an EPIC FAIL.
  22. Frank Elgyn
    It was a full price predator movie. The only thing, wich i am angry is that they cut a lot of scenes, for example : Danny Trejo says in the trailer : Does this look like a team orientated group of individuals to you? Or there is a scene in the tralier where the Falconer predator stand up and next to there is a predator dog. Before the fight (Hanzo vs. Falconer) Did Hanzo kill a dog or what? And what about Stans new knife in the hunting camp? They cut it, can somebody please tell why???? ???
  23. pegson
    the films has to make double its budget to break even...the cinema takes about half. give or take. plus add in marketing.. this film needs 110 million to break even
  24. Finally, a good sequel-let's hope the box office holds up
    Finally, after too many subpar films, there is a predator sequel worthy to the original. It's not a perfect film by any means, but it's the first sequel that had me entertained in a fun way. Let's hope the box office holds up and all you pred fans, it's your duty to the see the film at least twice and thrice so that we can get another good sequel.
  25. RoaryUK
    I'm guessing the falcon was a remote of some kind built to seek out the prey for the hunt, it definately had a form of propulsion like Stuntman says, but I'd also suggest no living creature could fly like that at such speed anyway.
  26. RoaryUK
    @ deGRESSOR  ...just seen your post, no offence but I use Demonoid too lol.  Currently there is only one copy of this movie anywhere, and it's certainly nowhere near DVD quality.  In fact every upload on Demonoid is the same Russian cam that's been around since the 9th, which suffers from auto-focusing for much of the climax, the only difference being some copies have improved audio for obvious reasons.
  27. frododave
    Thought the movie was pretty well done and especially like some of the humor.  Wish they would have put more articulation in the predators mandibles, or whatever you want to call them, though.  I think it took about 20 operators with remote controls to operate the mouth of Stans' in the original and it was a difficult process.  Maybe that's why it's a bit more simplistic in this movie.  Something so nitpicky doesn't matter anyway.  I have a question.*SPOILER* Was the falcon an actual creature or a remote flying device?  Wondering if it was mentioned in the script.
  28. RoaryUK
    Fleshtrap666  I agree with you in principal, but dont you think the site has a responsibility too?   I mean c'mon man, the link is STILL here, they obviously dont give a shit either!
  29. Fleshtrap666
    I've already paid to see the movie twice, and if you truly want to be a fan you should support the movie. Plain and simple it is a business, if no one pays to see the Predator or Alien movies....we won't get anymore of them? I'm not saying don't download crap for free. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business. But TRULY support the movie if your a fan and don't cause shit for this site.
  30. RoaryUK
    @ frododave Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning anything here.  We all know downloading such content is illegal, and you aint gonna get away with it pleading insanity or promising the prosection you'll see the movie A.S.A.P if they let you off.  What I was really trying to say was publicing the fact is just STUPID, indeed just as STUPID as the fact that the very same content is STILL available in this thread and could concievably get this site shut down.... ARE YOU LISTENING GUYS, coz you should be!!
  31. frododave
    Thanks RoaryUK.  I saw it in the theater twice.  Paid both times.  True fans will go and pay to see it regardless of the post.  The movie is good!  That was a pretty harsh thing to say King Willie.
  32. RoaryUK
    @King Willie   Why bother having a go at someone just coz they post a link to the movie, they obviously ain't bothered any more than the people running this site, who should've removed the link several hours ago.  The likely-hood is, everyone on these boards probably has or has seen a copy of Predatoes anyway, they just don't broadcast it, but the point is, if you are a fan you are gonna do the right thing and see it at the cinema anyway...right.  So no problem!
  33. goneja
    43.3 million in two days? It's already made back it's budget, everything from here on out is pure profit. The chances of a sequel in this case are honestly very high now. Glad to hear this..but of course, a little dissapointed the movie didn't distance itself just a little bit from Twilight and such to get a better ranking than #3.
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