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AvPGalaxy Reviews Predators!

I was given the chance to attend an early showing of Predators yesterday. And I have got to say it was better than I’d expected. I’ve written up an in-depth review:

“What I think really makes Predators stand up as a better film is that it takes itself seriously. It would be too easy to slip into that 80′s feel to pay tribute to Predator and make it way to cheesy. Thankfully none of that happens. There are no ridiculous one liners. No stupid characters like Tony Pope. This is life or death and the film does not detract from the severity of the situation these characters find themselves in.”

I found it much better than Predator 2 and far superior to the underwhelming AvP films. The review is mostly spoiler free but I do discuss 2 death scenes so read at your own peril. Be sure to check out.

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  1. BerserkerPredator
    This movie plunged my heart into cardiac arrest, scared the crap out of me, made me pee my pants out of sheer joy, and that was only the first 10 minutes. This was a great movie, it really brought back the terrifying human hunter back to its original grandeur. Terrific script, it made each individual character's personality shine. I loved the comedic relief that Topher Grace brought inbetween action sequences, real shocking series of events... To all people who have seen this movie, you know what 5:00 time is :D. The epic battle between Classic and Berserker, was amazing, the other claiming the defeated yaujta's head as a glorious trophy. You probably already know who wins, but I'm not telling.
  2. linkoutpredator432
    I think the movie isn't that well made.The way that the Tracker blows up Laurence's just stupid!! And the first time they show the super predators uncloaked... the CGI animation is just ************!!!!!! OH, and in the end when the classic predator puts his mask on you can hear dump music.And the music doesn't match with a Predator movie. Also, the predator aren't tall enaugh. And they act like pedals.
  3. scar1
    :P  :P READ AT YOUR OWN RISK<<<>>>Anyone that feels that this is better than the original Predator is full of crap!!!<<< This was a remake of the classic, with the same music and lines! The only thing was even slightly better was that it gave a bit of a back story to the species.  Adrian Brodey playing the part of Arnold at the end with mud all over him! NO WAY, NO COMPARISON to Arnold! And the sword fight scene with the Falcon Predator & Yakuza guy was way too short, that fight really needed more substance!!!
  4. Deco
    This movie was average..... Once again we're given re-used dialogue, reenactments of scenes from the original and a Predator face that no effects company can seem to look good... Did the secret die with Stan Winston?....... Its still better than both AVPs..... but then again, that wasnt hard
  5. MrSpaceJockey
    Jesus man, I can finally sit down in relief and know that at least one of the franchises have been saved! I can't wait to watch Predators. Hopefully, the ALIEN prequel will be just as good/better. Thanks for the great review!

    I have a bit of a question: Do you have to be a Predator fan to really understand the film? I'm asking because I might be seeing this with some friends who might not necessarily know the franchise, so an answer would be much appreciated.
  6. Stuntman
    it AINT been released here in atlanta GA so why the main countdown say released???? i got all excited thinkin imma get off work and catch it somewhere...whoever put that countdown up should be in the next predator movie and skinned alive FOR REAL  >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D  >:D
  7. Guest
    Yeah I just went out of the cinema here in Berlin and I think this film was great even a tiny bit better then the first original Predator. Adrien was really Kickass! 8)
  8. rycher
    idk about the no cheesy dialog part... "Does this look like a team orientated group to you" sounds cheesy to me..and that line "this plnet is a game preserve, and we're the game" sounds really cheesy  :-\ .... idk. seems like a good movie though!
  9. r0x0rs
    The movie is released in the UK on the 8th, it will be released in the US on the 9th. I cant wait, tomorrow night i will be feasting my eyes upon the gloriousness of the Predator!
  10. thetruth
    Just seen it last night and all i can say is FINALLY we have a worthy successor to the first predator way to go Rodriguez and Antal bring on the sequel baby   :)
  11. ninashi
    I'm so lucky to have gotten myself into a radio show screening the night before, And yes, its good! Some slow bits I dont like and I'd like to see way more of the predators aswell. i'm still going opening night. Loved it.
  12. Slugworth
    "Read at your own peril".
    Is that not warning enough for you all?
    Hick's needs to work out a different way of writing reviews. He gives away too much information. He basically gives away who wins between the Classic and Berzerker Predators.... which is completely unneeded for an in depth review. A bit TOO in-depth if you ask me.
  13. Spoon
    I was wondering why on the main page says it comes out in 1 day and official release date tomorrow!?  wtf your people talking about?  release date is friday the 9th.
  14. Wolf123
    good review but some big spoilers after saying it didn't really have spoilers

    predators is holding up well on rotten tomatoes, 6 out 6 positive, nice little 100% ;) it won't stay that way but it's nice to see
  15. Tucci
    Rodriguez gets 2 thumbs up just for adding the old music in there. I like how the preds are not "genetically modified" like in the leaked script too. And that new toy of classic that was posted looks just like Anytime so hopefully it's very screen accurate.
  16. Neon_Knight
    Wow.  Looks like this film might be alright afterall...  

    I'm really hoping that the modern day film industry can for once prove me wrong about my expectations.

    I might actually be getting hopeful.   This is good news.
  17. Spoon
    Thanks for the review.
    I glanced at it so wouldnt read any spoilers.  Just like reading the details how the predators look and how ADI sucks at what they do.
    That picture of the black predator?  looks AMAZING!   Im not a fan of the green predator.

    I really want the predator to say "want some candy?" again.
    funny as hell.
    Love the liners in predator films.
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