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AvPGalaxy Reviews Predators!

I was given the chance to attend an early showing of Predators yesterday. And I have got to say it was better than I’d expected. I’ve written up an in-depth review:

“What I think really makes Predators stand up as a better film is that it takes itself seriously. It would be too easy to slip into that 80′s feel to pay tribute to Predator and make it way to cheesy. Thankfully none of that happens. There are no ridiculous one liners. No stupid characters like Tony Pope. This is life or death and the film does not detract from the severity of the situation these characters find themselves in.”

I found it much better than Predator 2 and far superior to the underwhelming AvP films. The review is mostly spoiler free but I do discuss 2 death scenes so read at your own peril. Be sure to check out.

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