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First Predators UK Review

The first UK review of Predator has been published by UK newspaper NewsoftheWorld. It’s a positive one – the reviewer gave the movie 4/5 stars.

The pacing’s ace, too. There’s a late introduction of a new human that keeps things spicy (long-term survivor Laurence Fishburne – judging by that spare tyre, the foraging’s pretty good in this jungle), a beautifully-staged samurai sword battle in a field of long grass, and a majestic ending, where Brody goes ‘a bit Apocalypse Now’. With Predators, Rodriguez and Antal have made something old-fashioned, in the best possible way. They just GET what made the original such a hoot – and by and large, have reproduced the same thrills here. This movie sets action film-making back two decades. And hooray for that.

Be sure to check out the Official Review Thread in the forum which will be continually updated this week when new reviews come out. In related news, Predators has been rated R in the US for “pervasive language, gore and strong creature violence.” Also, composer John Debney has posted another sample of the Predators score online. Check it out here. Thanks to SuicideDoors, Royce and Black for the news.

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  1. Prodigy_set
    Well seeing how im on house arrest i will have to get the bootleg and then by the time im off this thing alien 1-4 predator 1-3 and avp 1 and 2 should be in a set on Blue ray with tons of specials added.   Well thats how i see it in my dreams anyways.  And if they want to make a fan happy they will put the new aliens movie in there too, before it comes out.  YEA right WE wish!
  2. shinigami
    The sad part is that most likely i will not see this in theaters.  :'(  The homepage of the biggest movie theater in the country where i live is not gonna be showing it it seems. There is nabsolutely no info on Predators. This is gonna suck cuz i was waiting for it. T.T
  3. BloodshedPred
    Ive been smacked down too many times to get my hopes up for this... but its PREDATOR,my god damn hero.I am liking these reviews,but i wanna see these rating on tv-spots,comeing from sources like EMPIRE ect.. if you guys no where im comeing from. 8)
  4. Neon_Knight
    All bad films have one or two good reviews.  I don't think this means anything.  And saying "the French hate all movies blah blah" is a terrible way to disregard a large group of bad reviews. I remember the first 2 or 3 AVP-R reviews were relatively ok, and from there it went strongly downhill.  
    I'm still gonna hold on until I see the film.
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