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New AvP DLC Announced!

Sega has just announced the new Aliens vs Predator DLC! Like the previous DLC, this pack consists of 4 maps – 2 Survivor and 2 multiplayer:

“The Bughunt Map Pack contains two new multiplayer maps for the six different competitive online modes; Deathmatch, Predator Hunt, Infestation, Species Deathmatch, Mixed Species Deathmatch and Domination, as well as two new maps for the “Survival” mode in which a team of up to four Marines fight to survive against the increasing horde of Aliens. For the first time, these maps will include environmental hazards and new weather effects, detailed descriptions of these maps are available on

You have “Crash Site”, “Furious”, “Tempest” and “Monument” – all of which provide different challenges. The “Bughunt Map Pack” will be available on 7th July for €5.99/ £4.79/ AUS$9.95 / 560 Microsoft Points.”

Sega have also released a trailer for the new content. For more details descriptions of the maps and some pictures, check out the official Sega announcement. Thanks to Undel for the news.

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  1. AVP_DonVictor
    I love this game, got the map pack and I am very happy with it. The game is not perfect but very true to the Franchises. I have no problem finding games on the PS3. The game is very different to any other FP shooter, but after some patience and practice the game is amazing.
  2. Anonymous
    It was released on the marketplace a couple of days ago for 800 points... Didn't buy it because it's overpriced. So, they quickly took it down and it will probably be available again soon for 560 points... I wonder if the people who paid 800 points will get a partial refund?
  3. Prodigy_set
    I will get the DLC but i feel this game could have been the years best if they had there heads out of there asses!  I want to hold on to my love for aliens and predators but the game makes it really hard.  Yes its better then the other ones graphics wise but its 2010 come on..........Throw me in the driver seat of an AvP game......I mean im going to school for game art and design.  I still think i would have done a better job then some shitty company from where England or some shit. Step it up rebellion.  And for the record i played the other DLC so far like 20 times each.  But it never comes up in ranked matches to often.  I think the game is too busy  Having me be aliens 3 times in a row on domination.
  4. Guest
    I love the game, play it every day... but I still wont buy this map pack... because I bought the Swarm pack and have only played Outpost and Docks about 4 times each. Not worth it. Maps look great though... too bad SEGA is trying to milk us for everything we've got.
  5. Fujimaster
    Scratch that!! Just got home and played two awesome games of MSTDM. + The dedi servers are no longer beta and you can earn XP on them. The game isnt as much mash up the 'E' button anymore, had some good AvP 1on 1 fights. For those that think the games dead give it another go it has improved.
  6. Pete Script
    If you are struggling to get in to a game use the community here!!! Post your gamer tag or psn id / pc user id on here for people to add. If any 360 users wish to play with me my gamertag is my user name on here... I know makes it too easy right! lol
  7. Dr.Pred
    Tempest does indeed look amazing, with Crash Site being my favored multiplayer map. I can see why most people won't get it; even so I'll still probably get it, for I have a couple of friends that still play it.

    This release has given me small hope of frequent DLCs in the future if Rebellion still believes the game to be a success.
  8. jones E
    "That Tempest map looks fantastic...but I'll never play it. Survior is just too dull and repetitive."

    Totally agree. Tempest looks the best of the lot with the weather but as I don't care for the multiplayer it's wasted on me. I'd rather have it in a campaign game. Scratch that, it SHOULD have been in the EXISTING game!
  9. Guest
    If it was free most people would get it. I remember 5-10 years ago when I was younger and the gameing community really started to grow (CS, Q3 and BF1942) we always got FREE DLC and patches for the games we were playing then. Charging people for something that has for years been free is just plain stupid. It's like beeing a salesman;- If you sell someone a broken item, you won't charge the costumer for fixing it as it was broken already! And we all know this game has been broken since day one, so why on earth should we pay for this? Patch 5 is six months late Rebellion.
  10. norbi1988pl
    They can't focus on the sequel, what will happen with me and other people who bought this game. It looks like we throw our money to the mud, they must do something to bring the community back to the game.
  11. HeavenlyBIGFOOT
    its people like you lot that is the soul reason these maps will possibly be dead because instead of havin faith you spread rubbish around that theres no point getting it because it will be dead... well when you go around tellin people that thats whats gonna happen, its gonna happen... so maybe instead, tell people to get it? might work out better.
  12. Azanode
    I don't see this getting much use. It's hard enough finding games with the Swarm pack, and that had the benefit of being packaged with special editions. I'm sure many people are thinking the same thing, which means even less people willing to buy the new pack.
  13. HeavenlyBIGFOOT
    Why people? ok if you didnt enjoy the game why are you back here dissing it? move on, keep playing C.O.D. but for those who do like the game like me this is great stuff... another thing... people keep complainin they cant find matchs... well if your tryin to rank up sure but if you not its pretty easy to find a match... plus heres an idea get some friends... or make some online that play the game aswel. and play together in friendly matchs... no need to wait then... surprising insnt great game... Predators movie coming soon you better all watch it. Predator FTW!!! keep this stuff coming rebellion
  14. Predator Warlord
    I would love to see an expansion for this game with new content and game modes and allows you to play as the combat androids and new skins for Marines and Aliens to bad this will never happened  :'(
  15. Bah

    At this point, I've become convinced that there isn't a shred of common sense left at Rebellion.  It's as though they're doing everything in their power to kill their own game.

    Why in God's name are all of the best maps restricted to the Survivor mode?  Does anyone even play that anymore?  It was fun a few times, gets repetitive really fast.  Playing against AI opponents will never be as interesting as going against real players online.  So why restrict all the maps?  For Christ's sake, guys...MAKE ALL OF THE MAPS AVAILABLE IN ALL GAME MODES!  Let the players decide which maps to use!

    This game is already sorely lacking in overall content...why make it worse with these restrictions?  That Tempest map looks fantastic...but I'll never play it.  Survior is just too dull and repetitive.

    Rebellion, please...wake up!  You're needlessly dividing the community and making it damn near impossible for anyone to get a decent game going.

  16. spinksy
    I played this online earlier for the first time in a few weeks - and got into games straight away! never understood why people say they cant find games

    looking forward to new maps now :)
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