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  1. Guest
    Kick-Ass wasn't an 18 in the UK. It was a 15, I saw it in the cinema. It's rated 18 on DVD in Ireland though.

    Still, I'm glad Predators is a 15. An 18 rating would really hurt its box office income.
  2. AvatarIII
    kick-ass and watchmen were both 18's in the uk.
    things that make movies 18's in the UK is generally Torture, Graphic Sex, or Detailed Drug Use, anything less will generally be a 15
  3. Starkiller
    this was to be expected, most old 18 rated movies would be re-rated to 15 to current times.

    Hopefully the movie will be good, fingers crossed, oh and the run time is ok for this time of movie.
  4. Fujimaster
    Im not worried too much. The SAW movies were rated 'R' and look at them. I dont really need to see that much gore in a Predator movie. You take a movie like SAW back to the 1980's and for sure it would be banned.
  5. Space_Dementia
    15 rating today is the same as a 18 rating back when the first Predator movie was released.

    What you can get away with showing today is different to a few years ago, especially in the UK and by looking at the International trailer, that itself looks 18...e.g, Predator ripping the spine out is prob the most gruesome scene of that kinda killing in all the 3 Predator movies.

    Ive also noticed when the Alien movies are shown on tv, their rating has been lowered to a 15...

    So im not really worried
  6. m138jewski
    Its R in America. who cares. Surely the rating system differs in some countries. Cursing and nudity in Europe is widely accepted and would not influence the rating of a film like it does here.
  7. frankaster
    a little of topic but here in mexico the first tree alien movies and the original predator are like something pg-13, except p2(naked woman at somepoint) or ressurection(pretty messed up stuff in there) from time to time they appear on open tv,... that's how i watched the predator movie many years ago,,, a nice afternoon on sunday... when i was six oh man the good old days 8)
  8. MattTaz
    Gotta have sex scenes to make R-Rating nowadays. Gore days are over now, as they have pretty much have done everything you can possibly do to a human body. And if someone says they havn't I would stay well clear of that person. Give me suspense over gore anyday. I always find what is out of the view of the camera far more suspenseful than blood and gore. As Ridley Scott said 'what your imagination can come up with is far more scary than what's on the film'.    Sex References, ah looking forward to a good pussy joke  haha
    in the UK 18 doesn't really happen much anymore, a 15film can more or less be an 18, only something with extream use of groe. sex, rape, drug use...films of rape, strong drug use will be an 18 straight up. its more about to get money putting films to 15.  i have still got hope for this film it looks good.
  10. Wolf123
    there's nothing to worry about, im in the u.k and im 15 and was preying for a 15, watched predator when i was a small kid and ever since have wanted to see one on the big screen, if u.s are happy with R rating then we should be happy with 15
  11. Neilsonshire1982
    dont worry if it had a single scene of full nudity along with the gore then it WOULD be an 18 .besides it dont matter how violent movies are these days anyways they will still rate it 15 . its a different time nowadays.
  12. Eidotemit
    From what I've seen this film seems to be as "graphic" as P1. The lower rating could very well be the product of the continual pushing of boundaries in cinema. What was an "18" 20+ years ago isn't necessarily an "18" now.
  13. Keyes
    I'm surprised it's a 15 here in the UK, considering the "Hard R" hype from the makers (equivalent to an 18 rating here), but the description of the rating sounds what we would expect, so that's good. Interestingly, Predator 2 was re-rated from an original 18 down to a 15 in recent years. Perhaps the rating for Predator 1 will go down to a 15 once the new Blu-ray edition is released in a week or two. 18 rated films are more in line with the extreme graphic nature of the "Saw" franchise or movies that contain sex scenes.
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