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Predator Blu-Ray Comparison

Here’s an article I wrote comparing the picture quality between the original Predator Blu-Ray and the upcoming version. 20th Century Fox has given the new release a digital restoration and they weren’t kidding. Predator looks stunning. The grain that plagued previous releases has been removed completely.

 Predator Blu-Ray Comparison

Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition goes on sale June 29th in the US and July 5th in the UK.

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Comments: 21
  1. Ravin Ravin
    Couldn't one of you cryin' anons get a shot of the Pred unmasked, before and after? That to me, is what will determine if I buy this thing. (Plus the equipment to play it. T_T) Who gives a damn about Arnold? You go to monster movies FOR THE MONSTER!
    Guh, this is like Predator fans bitching about the lack of human character development. Get it right people. If you care more about the humans, you're an OOMAN fan.
  2. Guest
    This proves these people are ******* retards and they need to get a TV that their parent's did not give them. This movie is ruined until the inevitable triple dip. You people make me sick. You prefer this. You are dumb and should be shot. Seriously, people as daft as that should be shot. This is film. FILM!
  3. Daunty
    LOL, yeah you make really great statement... To each his own. And fyi I watched the movie at a friends place. Even before the reviews where up. So don't act like you know me or anything xD And I will own it on BR. Gonna buy the old copy this weekend.  ;D
  4. KaizerDan
    Might be worth adding, I watched it on a 1080P DLP. I tend to like the looks of DLP over LCD/LED. Watching this movie on an LED will for sure make the predator pop out brighter and odder, but thats what all the color saturation settings and stuff are for?
  5. KaizerDan
    All I can add is... Shut up and watch the movie for yourself. Reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt anywho... After buying and watching it today I was really pleased. That ONE scene with dillin and the red shirt... oh dear... it sucks, move on. The rest of the movie looks great, crisp clear jungle/blood/guts. Thanks to Stan Winston going all out on the Predator outfit, youd think that it was made with HD in mind. Doesnt look any less real.

    Does it throw off the old horror gritty feel? Yes. to some degree, but those of you that want to keep that, practice your free will and not buy it in blue ray?

    screw the 8 track. Stick to vinyl. rabble rabble, dismissed.
  6. Daunty
    @Gareth and JaredK21: Euhm, I'm not a hater. I hoped for this to be good, but various reviews have said what I said. It looks like crap and it shouldn't look so crisp. I'm really afraid that this is going to happen more and more if you guys keep screaming to get the grain out of the picture. Predator is meant to have grain. I'm not gonna try to convince you guys anymore, because highly trustworthy sites give the image a bad score.


    At least they know what they are talking about...

    @Predator Warloard: I'm sorry but you are an idiot. Fox DNR'ed the living crap out of the image and the DNR screwed up because of his shirt. While removing the grain and dirt that plagues the image it mistakingly took his face as part of the red shirt and removed any detail his face had. Don't try to convince anybody that it's because of the tropical heat...
  7. Hawks1
    roxxors, huh?  this is just a bluray, you think walmart will have boxes of them at midnight like a video game?  doubt it.  tuesday best buy it is for me, not blockbuster they mark up the dvds and blurays 5 bucks higher than best buy.  this one will be 30 bucks flat everywhere though.  they may even charge 35 bucks for it initially.
  8. Valheru
    I agree with Daunty...not about Arnie's face but the fact that Predator is an old film and should be left that way...sure, scale it to bluray res. but leave the image as it is, as people fondly remember it as and the fact that the grain actually adds some real world grit and atmosphere to it instead of being ultra clean and clear. An old saying is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and seriously which predator looks better here in the links below...the dark, menacing looking one, or the one on the right where there's no room for imagination to fill the unclear areas, where it actually nearly just looks like a movie prop / guy in a suit.

    Orig -
    New -
  9. frostedone
    The old Predator Blu-ray was quite grainy, but that is due to the film stock.

    This new version looks better in that it is brighter and virtually no grain, but the DNR seems to have been applied a little bit too much. The characters look almost too smooth and unnatural.

    That said I still like this more then the old version. :D
  10. bleau
    Actually Arnold put oil on his face and body to look better. There is more detail in the newer version. The old blu ray had so much grain it covered everything up. Oh and it's not DNR'd to death. :)
  11. Predator Warloard
    Daunty? WTF are talking about Arnold looks like wax do you even know how converting stranded def video to blu ray even works it heightens the resolution and get rid of film grain. He looks shiny because they were in humid  tropical conditions hence jungle that "wax" is sweat
  12. Daunty
    Amazing? They killed it! DNR'd it to death... Arnold looks like WAX now:

    You guys tell me wich one looks more realistic... Predator should have grain. Not as much as the previous edition, but it shouldn't look so clean as this. Every little detail has been completly removed. Fox screwed us over and I'm afraid to what they might do with 'Aliens'.
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