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First Predators Review

The first Predators review can be found over on It’s a positive one and he’s given it 4/5 stars, specifically praising the special effects, music, acting and tension. I contacted the author myself to check the authenticity of it and it is indeed the real deal – he saw the movie at a private screening.

Ultimately, “Predators” will not win any big awards, but it is surprisingly engaging and more scary than it is outright gory and that is a treat for anyone who has suffered through the last two installments that had anything to do with the predator aliens. And yes, the title is a double entendre and there is something to be said for humans being the aliens in this one and hunted without the home field advantage. While the humans may have predatory instincts, what is arguably most terrifying about “Predators” is how the aliens selected their prey and what it means when people this ruthless cannot save themselves!

In related news, Rodriguez announced that the Predators premiere will take place July 7, 2010 at the Parmount Theatre in Austin, Texas. Production Info and full credits were released and are available to download in PDF format. The production stuff contains quite a lot of information about the characters, predators and production. Lastly, there’s a new interview with Adrien Brody in the DailyMail. Thanks to dalleville and Darkoo for the news.

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  1. Slugworth
    I doubt this review is legit. It's so vague, the reviewer basically reiterates what we've already been told about the film. Plus I searched for any possible information on the supposed screening that this person attended... couldnt find anything. Plus the website that its posted on isnt exactly a valid source.
  2. Corporal Wilks
    F all the haters.

    This new film is going to rock.
    The original Predator will always be the best but that doesn't mean this new film won't be a great movie.
  3. Fleshtrap666
    I would hardly say this single dudes opinion almost 2 weeks before the movies official release should be taken to heart. But if half the shit he is talking about turns out to be true...the movie will at least be better then the AVP movies. But my point is that no one on these forums has seen A f**kING THING! other then trailers...Rating a movie that you haven't even seen is borderline "Simple". Saying Predators is going to bomb or suck is just as blatantly stupid as saying its going to be the single greatest movie of all time... You don't want to waste your money on the chance that the movie will suck? Well don't f**king see it!...Do what I do and wait for someone else to check it out who's opinion you trust as opposed to a guy who gave New Moon 4/5 stars. Who says there is some law where you have to see a movie opening night?!?

    But even then that's sometimes not enough because just because someone else likes something doesn't mean you will!! Hell I didn't think Avatar was the greatest movie by a long shot...the story was entirely too predictable and some of the dialogue was horrid...that make it a bad movie? f**k no...just saying it wasn't perfect. Final Summation: If you don't like something before you even have it or have seen it....nothing short of something EPIC will make you like it when you finally have. Your setting yourself up for failure...
    Sounds promicing, 4/5 thats a good start. He didnt like avp or avp requiem. Does sound promicing. Really looking forward to this beauty even more now. 8)
  5. BISHOP 93
    i want this film to do really well but we need more reviews than 1 at the moment imo i always find imdb to be the best source for reviews so when a rating is posted up on there that'll do for me also how the F*CK do you give twighlight more stars than avatar i cant trust this review knowing this
  6. Neon_Knight
    I don't understand how he comes up with his star system because it's erratic.

    His girlfriend likes twilight, so he gives it good reviews.  Everyone hates the AVP films so he gives them both 1 star (with regard to those films, one of them is definitely better than the other). He also gave Iron Man 2 5 stars (seriously), Clash Of The Titans 4 stars, and for some peculiar reason only gave Avatar 2 stars??

    This guy clearly has 'problems', I wouldn't trust a word he says. I don't think he has any frigging idea what he's actually talking about.  

    To be honest, I would not be surprised if he didn't actually write any of his reviews and he just nicked them from random places on the internet because there is no consistency from one review to another.  If you honestly think Twilight is 2 stars above Avatar, then you're f**ked in the head, basically.
  7. Neon_Knight
    Yes except this guy also gave Twilight - New Moon 4 stars, when it's currently got less than 30% on Rotten Tomatoes...  

    In fact, according to him, Twilight is better than Prince Of Persia.  So uh, yeah. :/   And even then, he gave Prince Of Persia a ridiculously generous review.

    I'm not trusting this guy one bit.
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