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New Predators International Trailer!

IGN have posted a new R-Rated international trailer for Predators. It lasts for two and a half minutes and features plenty of new footage. You learn a bit more about the characters, there’s a proper look at the Predator Falcon and Dogs, the new Predator vision is shown. You also see a Predator spine-ripping somebody.

 New Predators International Trailer!

You can check out 110 HD captures in the Gallery. Thanks to Stalker for the news.

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  1. Predators2010
     But the actual lazer is on the Predators' mask, so even if they had 2 shoulder cannons, they would still only have one lazer on their mask. Judging by the trailers and stuff, there aren't any Preds that have 2 lazers on their masks. And even if you're right, there's still like 7 Predators they haft to fight, so there still screwed anyway... lol.
  2. atomicpunk
    i dont man ive been saying this movie gonna suck for awhile now and i dont care for some of the characters or the way the preds.look but even for me the more i see the more i like it.this might just be pretty awesome.the trailers that ive seen look great.cant wait could be epic.ill see you in the theaters! :o
  3. r0x0rs
     Remember, some Predators have more than one cannon on their shoulders, some carry two as a double advantage so there could be half the number of preds as you see targets!
  4. Predators2010
    Trailer looked awesome! ;D I think that scene where all the Predators are on Royce and you see Isabelle and Hanzo in the background is the final scene of the movie. Think about it, how are those 3 supposted to fight over 14 Predators? They don't. It's just a wild guess, but I think its the last scene of the movie or something.  ???  :-\
  5. Gort Pred
    @ Starkiller

    I don't WANT this film to drop haha I do want to atleast enjoy myself, if anything for my dad (RIP) who showed me Predator 1 and 2 when I was little. I'm 19 now soo yeahh

    I do know Predator 1 didn't do too well with critics, it was just f**king awesome, and I personally like Preds just 5% more then Alien :D
  6. Starkiller
    i agree with an earlier comment, they are showing way too much new footage, i just hope they dont do a avpr (show the whole movie thru trailers, pics, stills etc)

    yeh im with u gort pred, im not keen on the pred vision.
    looks like the avp1 vision, but in thermal blue instead of the red/orange.

    cant wait for this film to drop!
  7. GG
    you know what i found funny in the past everyone was like holy shit that scared the crap out of me in the first 2 predator movies.  Now everyone is like sick a predator movie, nothing else it just doesn't scare people anymore
  8. Honorless_Predator
    This movei is gonna kick ass. but in my opinion i think they are showing to much of the movie, they shouldnt have showed us mr.blacks face and they showed us some deaths in this trailer. Im super excited for this move but i think they are showin to much in the previews and body agree?
  9. The Dude
    @ALIENS amen brotha, amen...
    I'm pretty impressed with the new trailer but i was also impressed by the AVP and AVP-R trailers and that only led to being hugely disappointed. So i'm reserving judgement until i actually see the movie itself.
    I don't wanna be preachy but both camps; the OMG this will be the BEST movie EVER!! and the OMG this will suck horrible BALLS!, should do the same. Remember, boys and girls, never judge a book by its cover and that's all a trailer is...
  10. wingchun8
    In my opinion best trailer so far,at last an offering of gore and threat,very much what some of the other films in the series lacked.I want to walk out after the film feeling great about it and not let down as in previous outings.Roll on July it's gonna be a good one.....Predator Clan-'8th Division'.
  11. Blaine
    I have watched this a few more times, and not only is it the best trailer so far, but it is the one that sets the tone for the movie more than any other trailer or character bio video we have seen.  It looks as if this film is going to really deliver, and unless the ending is completely ridiculous, I think we'll all finally be very pleased.
  12. deGRESSOR
    I'm going to do myself a favor and NOT watch this, I've seen TOO much already.  I want to save much for the theater as I can.  This is not easy, I hope I can last the next two weeks:'( :-\ ???  :-[
  13. Dual Blade
    Neon_Knight - don't be surprised man, it might end up be a silent hit. I know we shouldn't get too excited about films because it is all about the hype, but the trailer looks by far involved in the direction the movie is trying to go in. Predator movie's have always been driven in this direction of cliches, and again its how the film is handled that counts.
    I got a feeling you end up liking this movie Neon_Knight :D
  14. Neon_Knight
    Uhhh yeah, @Dual Blade - that guy gave Twilight - New Moon four stars. He said it was in his "top 10 films of 2009" - that same film which got resoundingly bad reviews from film critics across the globe. He's a f**king idiot.  If he thinks Predators is a good film - for me that pretty much sums it up - it's a bad film.  
    I still say this film is going to be awful. The main cast is a massive cluster of film cliches, it's gonna be full of depressingly cheesy lines and idiotic concepts that would excite 12 year olds, telling from all the footage I've seen.  I can't see any sign in any of the trailers that there is any mature film-making going on (such as in the original Predator) but rather that this is some stupid over the top cheesy nonsense that most likely won't make any sense and may aswell be written by a prepubescent metalhead who draws skulls on all of his textbooks. :-\   And it also looks like it's still based on the leaked script which I read.  Which was so bad I nearly cried in favour of John McTiernan.
  15. Arnie
    OMG! Looks f**king awesome, it shows to many people getting killed for my liking mind but f**k it!
    Going to be the best film this year by Far ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  16. Blaine
    Awesome trailer, and the movie looks fantastic. However, between all the trailers and photos this is starting to border on AVP-R territory in being able to piece together the entire film from the previews.
  17. r0x0rs
    I was sold on this movie when the Pred rips the spine and skull from the body, that is the most bloody and goriest thing i have seen in predator since Carl Weathers got his arm shot off. Another note, i believe that Fishburne and Brody will be the only survivors, Brody will be in an all out battle with the preds, and Fishburne will go back into hiding to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Just my belief of what is to come. But we have two weeks, so we shall find out then!
  18. TheShadowedOne1
    ;D OMFG!!!! This is going to be the best birthday present ever! July 9th is my birthday!!!! Why does it have to be so far away! I'm going to see this on Imax or a big cinema, I am not missing this! I'll kill someone to get in and get a seat! Cannot wait any longer! Gotta love Mr. Black and Classic.
  19. bladehuntr

    come on, do it! DO IT!!! Come one! Release it I'm here RELEASE IT!! COME ON DO IT NOOOOUUUUUWW RELEASE IIIIIIITTT!!!!!
  20. Dual Blade
    This looks absolutely sweet. What I think that they have it right is the realness of the characters, this will surprise alot of people, ESPECIALLY the skeptics and critics that prey on ;D ;D   ' sequels '

    Bring this movie on!!!
  21. Mick
    Their will all ways be minor things for hard core Predator fans to pick apart, but overall this looks good and a lot more promising than the AVP films. :)
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