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Alien Horde for the iPhone

Mathew Pringle just dropped us an e-mail with something he thought we might find interesting.  It’s a project of his called Alien Horde – An entirely fan-made arcade shooter based on the motion tracker for the iPhone/iPod:

“You are the last surviving member of a UNMC rescue party. Your whole squad murdered by hostile alien life forms. Surrounded, they are attacking you from all sides. The only option is to fight, take as many of them with you as you can.”

You can find out more about the game on the Alien Horde website. The game is available for the meager amount of $0.99 in the Apps store.

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Comments: 17
  1. Sh0dan
    I'd play it if I owned an iPhone. Looks cool.

    Would look cooler if it recreated the sentry gun terminal for readout though. And maybe have an overheating gameplay mechanic.
  2. AvatarIII
    looks nice, and cheap, but really shows why i couldn't care less for iphone games. way too simplistic, now if someone made an Alien game, kind of like Age of Zombies, as a PS Mini, then i'd buy it in seconds.
  3. n3m0
    im buying this right after i buy some fancy cell phone.... that means never XD i stick to my trustworthy 10yrs old nokia 3310 ;)

    cool game tough. to bad he coudnt use any official sounds :P
  4. Matthew Pringle
    They disbanded!

    I didnt want to step on anybodies toes so things are not exactly the safe as if it was an official game. Its a shame as I would love to do an official version but its just not possible.
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