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New Predators TV Spot

A new Predators TV spot was shown on Spike during the finale of Ultimate Fighter UFC. Most of the shots are old but there’s a new shot of the Black Super Predator uncloaking as well as the characters looking at the skyline which some of you may have seen. The other big news, is that the TV spot confirms the movie is R-Rated. Not that there was any doubt but we don’t want another PG13 AvP on our hands. Check the TV spot out below:

Thanks to Undel for uploading the video.

Update: There’s another TV spot here but with no new footage and another one here with a new shot of the Falcon Predator jumping down.

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Comments: 34
  1. eldersclan
    but it cant just be an alien drone or anything it has to be the king alien becouse carl bishup weyland and the weyland yutani indutries droped it there and they also hve brainwashed bad blood predator and drop it there to but then the elder predator follows them to ye alien home world and start a universal war. (weyland protecting the xenomorphs,predators try to in the top of the food chain,humans trying to stay alive, and xenomorph AKA aliens just are really really hunrgy 8) :) :) ::) :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'( >:D ??? ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o

    and what is the wordl becouse this is earth and galaxy is just apart of the universe but what is the world ;D
  2. walker31
    if it is the case where it shows others being dropped onto the planet, would it make anyone upset if it showed an alien drone being dropped and running off into the jungle, as to say now royce has another challenge, providing he's still alive at the end of course.
  3. thetruth
    john debney said to stay seated during the credits for a surprise now that could mean that we get to see more people being dropped onto the planet maybe will see a familiar face but if not arnold said that if offered for the sequel that he would consider it.
  4. walker31
    looks pretty much up to expectations!  Driving everyone i know crazy talking about this movie.  Is it wrong that deep inside i am still hoping for a Dutch cameo that has been kept deep secret?!  One that will make fans happy to see the major after all this time...
  5. dallas001
    RATED R. Good. Now dumbass parents who have 2 and 3 year olds, KEEP THEM HOME. This movie is for adults and mature people who can handle it. Texting teenie boppers, go watch your stupid TWILIGHT B.S. We want the fans of great classics to come see this and appreciate it. >:D
  6. dvader27
    i like the black super pred's mask it looks like the jaw of a xenomorph like he literally was fighting xeno's was on the verg of getting killed and ripped it clean. u can honestly tell he's a badass
  7. Stuntman
    you know this is the first predator film since predator one that makes you kinda FEAR the predator race...vs think wow they are so doubt these look cool but they are definitely NOT friendly this time around. >:D >:D >:D >:D
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